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By @SydneyLacroix
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(WIP Collection of Works, First Draft) These are my thoughts; do what you want with them. *Started the 16th of March 2017* (Cover made on by Sydney Lacroix, free version)

Chapter 1

Normal (A Poem)

For as long as I can remember, people have always said to me: “Life isn’t fair.”

What a lie

Life is as fair as you want it

The truth is, people aren’t fair

People affect the way you act and think

They tell you things you should and should not do

But I can wear jeans in the summertime

And that boy can wear pink if he wants

The girl who just walked by can wear shorts at any length she feels comfortable

We can do this

Even if you call us insecure or gay or ****

We will because we don’t care what the herd of sheep thinks

We can be goats and cows and foxes

Because we think ‘the norm’ is crazy

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