Letters to xyz

By @ziaqwerty

Letters to xyz

By @ziaqwerty

Daily dose of random thoughts by yours truly

Chapter 1

Day 1- E*

DAY 1 10/11/2018

Here I go again

Wishing everything will go back to how it was before

I never meant to leave

nor forget everything about us

I just think it’s not yet time for us

Well, that’s what I thought

I was willing to wait until I can finally say

the words that I earnestly want to you to hear

Three risky words

that might make or break

whatever we had til that day

That day when I learned how to let go

and tried not to say a word

I smiled painfully as I her the words

coming out of her mouth

Those three risky words wasn’t risky at all for her

I know you’re happy now

and I couldn’t be happier for you

Just so you know

I will always be that friend

who’ll always be here for you

And perhaps, someday

when my heart is ready to find someone else

I hope these risky words that I meant to say to you

Won’t be risky for me to say to him

In the end, I would always mean

every time I say those words to him

All I want is for us to be on each other’s side

even if we already found our other half

I didn’t want to change

I didn’t want to leave

I didn’t even know if I have to

But for now, let me be

Let me love you

until my heart gets tired

of beating for you

Let me cry in pain

until my eyes are numb

Let me feel every single ounce of regret

of not telling you these risky words

I love you

I really do


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