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Late Nights, Wine and Cuddles

By @Snake-of-Eden

The Rant.

The warm night air seeped in through the open window, disturbing the light curtains and sending a cool breeze through Arauras tastefully minimal lounge-room. Delia peached herself on the end of the sofa which faced an open fireplace and an armchair. She accepted the cup of coffee Araura handed her from behind, craning her neck and watching Araura round the sofa and seat herself in the armchair lazily, swilling the last dregs of red wine in a wineglass held at its rim between her fingers. Araura gazed at Delia, letting her head tilt to one side and her free arm drape over the arm of the chair. She watched Delia cup the mug in both her hands as though it was her first cup of coffee that day and breath deeply.

Delia was in her dark blue scrubs, slightly disheveled. Her ponytail was coming out and locks of her brown hair were escaping its grasp and falling over her face as she stared morosely into her cup.

“You’re inside your head.” Araura observed out loud, bringing her glass to her lips and sipping its dry red contents.

“Hmmmm!” Delia whipped her head up, turning in the direction of Arauras voice. Her eyes widened as she focused on Araura. “Sorry. Thanks.” She said, sipping from the mug.

“What happened?” Araura asked, bluntly cutting straight to the point.

Delia hesitated. “I worked… You know.” She stalled while she thought how she would word what played on her mind. Of course it was late and Araura was undoubtedly looking for the real reason for her visit, she stalled while she tried to justify calling on her so late.

“I couldn’t do your job.” Araura said matter-of-factly, putting an end to Delias ruminations.She leant forward and set her glass down on the coffee table before leaning lazily back into her chair. Her eyes were apparently glued to Delia.

“Oh honey, trust me, if I can do this job, anyone can. But apparently not today…” Her voice shrank as she spoke and her eyes refocused on her coffee.

“So you’re upset because today, you didn’t function to your own sky-high standards?” Araura probed seemingly determined to keep Delias attention outside her head.

She took a deep breath, managing to put it into a coherent sentence.

“My client, one of them. My very acute client. He was admitted unwell and septic. The data I gathered was suggestive of a bleed in his GI tract but well, I’m supposed to be an advocate as well as a carer. But it doesn’t help him when my colleagues don’t listen, or take each other seriously. He needed to go to theatre for an endoscopy. I found out today that he was indeed bleeding into his stomach. I mean, any other person would be all smug, but he could have died. And he almost did because I couldn’t convince one doctor to go and see the man himself. His wife was none too pleased. I just feel god ******* awful.”Delia explained, becoming more heated with each word. Araura had prodded the flood gaits of Delias mind open and Delia turned herself on the sofa to face Araura, crossed her legs and ripped off her scrub jacket. She hastily placed her mug, sloshing its contents a little, on the table and leant forward onto her knees suddenly animated.

Araura listened to Delia spill her guts, all the time in the world held between them and at their complete disposal.

“I mean if I’m not tired of being dismissed as just-a *******-nurse, then I’m extra fed up of my clients suffering for it!” She finished, bust heaving and both elbows leaning on her knees. Araura leant forward, picked up her glass, drained the last draught and set it back down, eyes still trained on Delias exasperated face. Delia looked at her and saw her head tilt to one side. She could see her turning the details of her story over in her mind. She could tell what she would say in response.

“You’re upset because some ******* at work missed his change to save someones life?” Araura asked, appearing to choose her words carefully.

Delias face suddenly smoothed over. Her mouth slightly open and her eyes loosing focus, she stared into space for a moment before exhaling a long sigh. Her shoulders lost some of their tension as Arauras challenge shattered her perspective on the days events. Delia paused for a moment.

“This particular doctor is not a bad doc, he’s young and a little full of himself. But I wouldn’t say he’s an *******…” She explained, picking up her mug and taking a long draft from it.

“Sorry, but mate, if you’re a doctor and a nurse who’s eons more experienced than you are tells you one of your patients is loosing their pressure, why you don’t then go and examine them yourself is baffling if you ask me.” Araura answered, resting her temple on her two forefingers and holding Delias gaze. Delia saw her revel in the effect her questions were having on her. She could see a smug smile curling those thin lips slowly.

********** or not, he still missed out. Who went over his head? Who presented the data? Who examined and collected said data? And who in the end ensured he was fast tracked to where he needed to go? As I understand it, from what I understand of your job Diels, that was all you. All this schmuk did was ignore you. No doubt he’s going to get a verbal kick up the backside by his consultant.” Araura added, settling herself back in her chair.

“You’re right!” Delia admitted, brow rising and her eyes shrinking further. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that, could have saved myself all this nonsense” Her voice had lost all its anger and had become soft and a little bit cracked. It gained a choked quality and had slid down two octaves. Araura watched as Delia drained her mug, her lips curling in a smile.

“The man survived didn’t he?” She prodded, grinning.

“Yeah. Of course. Two units of blood, antibiotics. He came back to the ward tubed and specialed. His wife had a few words for his attending doctor and I, though” Delia answered. 

“What did she say?” Questioned Araura, settling her now numb hand across her waist.

“She told him, his doctor, that he’d better be glad he’s surrounded by exceptional nurses because they will save his ass too, one-day.” Delia answered, a reluctant smile curling her full lips further.

“So in the end, it was you who made the right call and therefore, you who ultimately saved that mans life. Isn’t that what this mans wife is saying, long and short of it?” Araura prompted, emphasising the ‘yous’ and waving a hand lazily toward Delia.

“I believe you, Aro, that’s true, I can’t deny it. I just feel ****** because it had to be such a battle, is all. Sometimes the number of needless hoops you have to jump through to make important things happen for people is a bit ridiculous.” Delia vented, leaning back on the arm of the sofa and tucking her knees in her arms, suddenly irritable.

“I know, I’m right.” Araura smugly added, grinning still wider. Delia shot her a glance and started to giggle despite herself. They soon were both laughing. The remaining tension in Delias shoulders vanished.

“Ahhh- Thank you, Aro.” Delia sighed, taking off her glasses and wiping her eyes with her fingers before pushing the black frames back up her nose.

“What for?” Araura asked hiccuping.

“”You always know what to say. I can always count on you to take the figurative bee out of my bonnet.”

Araura countered, snickering, ****** please, you can say stick out the ass if you want!” Delia let out a cackle at this, relishing in her friends dry wit.

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