Klanc and the Dwarfish Gold

By @jan_cudak

Klanc and the Dwarfish Gold

By @jan_cudak

Klanc is a cowardly Skorn (a creature who is half man half rat), who gets thrust into a war that quite frankly he wants no part in. As he hesitantly prepares for an incoming battle he gets summoned by his clan leader to steal as much gold from the dwarves as possible. Will this quest succeed or will Klanc meet a dreadful demise... This is my first story published anywhere, I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1

Klanc was awoken from his deep slumber by a great bellowing noise, it was the great horn. A sense of anxiety fell upon the rat for that could mean only one thing… invaders. He climbed out of his shack and scurried towards the rest of his Skorn kin to prepare for battle. Klanc resided at one of the Skorn colonies, this one in particular was a conquered dwarven fortress and it was under control of the Skorn for a decade. However, “The Great Plague” had failed, and their enemies (the dwarves) regained a lot of their strength. This was the last remaining piece of territory that the Skorn controlled, and they were going to do everything in their power to protect it. As he scurried past the breeder shacks, he felt his stomach turning inside out, he was fearful because he had never properly fought in battle. He participated in battles of course, but he was far to cowardly to fight his enemies. He was always the laughingstock among his “Battle Vermin” comrades, he would always move back if an enemy got to close letting a more braver Battle Vermin fight his foe.

“YOU” a loud screech stopped Klanc in his tracks, he turned towards the direction where the shout came from and his heart sank. It was Clan Master “Rukus Da Fierce”. He was the tallest out of all the Skornish Kin (and the most feared). He wore a horned helmet and red tainted armour rumoured to be painted in blood of his enemies and those who were foolish enough to plot against him.

“YOU COME HERE NOW, NOW!” he ordered Klanc, who then followed suit. He stood in front of Rukus who towered above like an intimidating ogre. Rukus inspected Klanc with malevolent eyes and spat out in disgust.

“You’re veapon Battle Vermin, vere is it?” Klanc patted where he would usually keep his sabre and realised that it was no longer there. He must have left it back at his shack. He was sure that Rukus was going to butcher him, he cowered into a ball waiting for an axe to cut him in half but instead he heard a strange squelching sound. As he peeked between his hands, he saw the chieftain trying to pull a large rat spear out of a Skorn Kin corpse. With a hefty pull the rat spear came free causing blood to gush from the large wound protruding from the corpse. Rukus threw the spear, causing it to slide across the floor and stop below Klancs feet. Rukus barked a command.

“Follow bradda, ve go now.” Klanc picked the spear up and followed his clan master. They ran down a large dwarven corridor, from above Klanc could hear the war cries of dwarves and Skorn Kin alike, he heard the banging of shields and clanging of swords. To his side, he heard the climbing of ladders and the booming of cannons. As they ran dust fell above them, Klanc had a suspicion that the walls above them would fall upon them at any moment. They turned right to another long hallway, as they did so the sound of battle became fainter. They stopped. Rukus pointed his bone like finger at Klanc and said,

“LOOK AWAY NOW, NOW!” Klanc turned obediently away from his clan master and stared at the hallway. He heard Rukus fiddling with the walls, he heard his petrifying claws scratching at the stone. He dared not to look. Suddenly the walls started to move, Rukus pulled Klanc by the ear and then swiftly threw him down into what appeared to be a giant vault. Klanc looked up, he saw a mountain of gold. Klanc looked at the sparkling peak of gold coins with awe and wonder as any Skorn would do. If there is one thing Klanc had in common with his battle vermin comrades, was that he worshiped anything that shined and gleamed, especially if it was gold. Rukus threw a bag over his head and shouted.

“Collect as much gold as you can, FAST, FAST!” both Klanc and Rukus started hungrily grabbing the gleaming gold coins into their respected sacks. Klanc’s heart raced, not only was he aiding one of the most powerful Skorn leaders, but he was also touching gold! Never did he think that he would ever be able to see let alone touch such beautiful metal. He heard footsteps nearing, he stopped and began to sniff the air, his heart sank. It was dwarfish scent.

Two heavily armoured dwarven guards stepped into the vault, they looked older than most dwarves Klanc saw in the battlefield. Both had long beards, their shields and axes were beautifully plated in all manors of beautiful ores, their axes had dwarven runes and emblems engraved and their shield had a big red ruby in the middle of what looked like an intricate circle pattern. Both dwarfs’ faces were as red as the rubies on their shields.

Klanc was so fearful that he was paralyzed, he could not move even though he wanted to. If there was one thing that made a Skorn and a Dwarf the same is their love of precious metals. Rukus suddenly jumped to the nearest guard with his vermin axe held high and smashed it onto the shield, caused a crack to appear. Rukus started to curse in Skornish and thrashed his vermin axe repeatedly at the shield, making the existing crack larger and larger. 

Before more damage could be done to the shield the dwarf charged to the nearest wall and smashed Rukus into it, causing the Skornish leader to wheeze. It was as if in that one blow all the air that Rukus had stored in his lungs escaped him like a balloon, Rukus was on the floor trying to catch his breath but suddenly an axe cut his head off clean, a gush of black oily blood flooded out and created a pool of gore. Klanc stood there in amazement. One of the most feared leaders of the Skornish race died just like that. Perhaps he was not as skilful as one would have thought. The two dwarves moved slowly towards him with their angered eyes, they were ready to rip him apart. Klanc had a few options, he could fight them and die, throw away the gold and make a run for it, or surrender. None of these options he particularly liked so he took four gold coins out of his sack then proceeded to throw the sack at the dwarves causing them to fall back.

Klanc sprinted out the door and into a dark corridor, he thought of only two things, survival and how the gold would impress the breeders he might meet. As the thought of breeders clouded his thoughts, he bashed himself against a heavily armoured dwarf guard. As he looked up from the ground, he saw a group of dwarves looking down at him in pure hatred and disgust.

“Oh well” Klanc thought to himself. He thought again about the breeders that most likely he will never meet and braced himself for the impact of the incoming axe. 

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