Kiss of Poison

By @JustPurl

Kiss of Poison

By @JustPurl

The Trevisan never had a daughter. Their family is known to bring only son and never heard of them having daughters. Arsha Margaret Venturi Trevisan and Armani Russo Trevisan had unexpectedly adopted a homeless child whom they’ve seen on the stre

Chapter 1


The people inside the castle stood up and face me with a shock and disbelief. It’s all written on their faces. It’s like they have never seen a little girl before, in all their life.

 I stare back to the four young men and the four other boys which somehow seemed to be in my age, whom have taken much blow and surprise from my arrival.

 The four of them were beautiful. They may have somehow look the same but I can see and differ their beauty in each of them.

 The man beside me pulled me in his side and half embraced me with his one arm. The pretty woman he was with knelt infront of me and gave me a warm smile, enough to fascinate me.

“Are you alright, dear?” She asked me with her lovely voice. I nodded at her, still unable to work with my voice that somehow had vanished after that day.

 She smiled to me again and stood up to embrace the four young men and the older afterwards.

“Arsha, what is this? Who is this child?” I heard the other older woman whispered as the pretty woman embraced her.

She looked back at me and smiled. She gave the other woman a smile and rush back to my side.

“Ariela, this is my daughter.” She said in full of happiness in her voice.

“Daughter?” The other woman beside Ariela said.

“Yes, Gabriela. I adopted her. We adopted her.” The pretty woman answered as she looks at her husband.

 Gabriela and Ariela looked at me with unreadable expression. I somehow felt that she did not like me. And will never like me.

“Arsha, have you asked you son’s voice in this matter?” The new woman voiced out. She now stood beside Gabriela.

 The people turned behind them and I race my sight to the direction of where their attention had been and saw another young man, elegantly sitting on wide and expensive couch.

 He rested his both arms on the headrest and had his legs crossed. I moved my head a little bit to clearly sight his expression but failed.

I heard the man beside me sigh and kissed my head.

“Aram, are you fine with it, son?” The man beside me said out loud.

 The man named Aram didn’t respond. What I heard was only a loud sigh. The other young man stood up and marched towards the stairs.

“Do what you desire, father. And I’ll do what I desire.” I heard him say as he ascended up to the stairs.

The pretty woman took me along in a wide and huge room. She pulled me gently with her towards the bathroom and tugged my shirt off. The pretty lady turned on the water and waited for the tub to be almost full and after that she lifted me placed me inside.

 She was smiling as she soaped me. I couldn’t help but be amazed by how beautiful she is. Right. She was indeed so beautiful, more beautiful and kind than my mother.

 I felt a pang of pain thinking about my own mother.

“I’m sorry for my son’s rudeness. Once ge get to know you better and see you and accepted you as his sister, he’ll show you an utmost love and care.” The pretty woman said to me as she rinsed me.

“By the way, what would you like us to to call you? You may pick your name.” She said again as she lifted me up and drained me with the towel.

 I did not respond to her.

 The pretty woman pulled me with her inside a massive closet. It was very huge. More huge. It didn’t surprise, not even in the slightest.

 She picked a warm browm dress and dressed me. As she combed my hair, she’s humming some kind of music I finf beautiful and dreamy to my ears.

“Are you tired? You may rest here, dear. This is going to be your room afet all.” I snapped my eyes open again. Realising that I have closed my eyes due to exhaustment.

 She placed on the bed and had placed the soft blanket over me and kissed my forehead.

 She retreated and marched towards the door. I breathed hard and sat up and called her. “Arsha.”

 She was startled to hear me. Amusement and surprise were on her face but smiled to me afterwards. I looked away from her. Unable to look at her and to accept her affection.

“Izobelle Victoria.” I said to her.

 I took all the courage and faced her.

“Izobelle Victoria. That’s my name.”

She smiled to me and rush to my side again. She cupped my face and held it gently and leveled it to her face.

“Rest well, Izobelle.”Arsha said as she kissed me once again on the forehead.

 As she leaves, I stared at nothingness. Exhausted from everything. My brain cells seemed have forgotten how to function properly, as evident that I responded from her.

 I shouldn’t supposed to answer her.

 I feel awkward and out of place as I dined with the family. There are only 6 girls including me are present. I was bothered and very conscious with my surroundings.

 I am trying my best not draw any attention from them since I’ve woken up and had descended from the room.

 “Did you had a good sleep, Izobelle?” I eyed the woman sharply. If I am not mistaken this is Ariela. I instantly vanished my sharp looks at her as I remembered that I have told Arsha my name last night.

 Instead of responding, I nodded at herbriefly.

 I continued eating and was disturbed again by a cheerful voice that had caught my attention.

“By the way, how old are you?” One of the young man asked. He had dark hair and a silver eyes.

 His hair was thick and somehow curly that fit his face’s structure. His nose were pointed as well as his jaw.

 I looked at away from the sight.

 I never thought I would get to see a beauty that would surpass them. I’d always thought that they were the most beautiful but I was wrong.

The Trevisan is.

Even the oldest Trevisan. His hair may be now turning into gray but you couldn’t deny the fact that he was lovely and dangeruous.

“Nine. September 19 is my birthday.”I said in low tone.

“Five months from now. Where do you want to celebrate it, Izobelle?” He asked.

“Silence, Percival. You are scaring her.” The other young man scolded that one who is Percival.

 They waited for respond. I accidentally had darted my eyes towards him, whom seemed to didn’t care about his surroundings.

 He was lovely. More lovely than the rest.

 I took my gaze away from him and returned it to my food.

“I don’t want to celebrate it.” I told them. I hate parties. I hate gathering. It’s not my thing.

“Why? If you don’t want then, atleast tell us what would you like to receive.” Percival insisted, hoping.

“Just books.” I told him without looking at him.

 Percival and the rest argued about the books that they are going to give me. I didn’t care what book is it as long as it’s book.

 The rest of the meal with them was noisy and loud.

Mostly because of of Percival.

I have learned about them. Percival’s very talkative. He’s nosy. Lorenzo whom had scolded Percival a while ago was the serious one. Vladimir the one who’s brunette was what I thought to be trouble. Giovanni whom had a dirty black hair that was tousled was I thought to be flirty.

 The last one of their age was more different.

If Percival’s talkative, he’s silent.

If Lorenzo’s serious, he’s somewhat a careless and the one who doesn’t give a ****.

If Vladimir’s trouble, he’s I thought the person who’s more than trouble.

If Giovanni’s flirty, he’s what I thought who doesn’t need to flirt, just by his mere existence can turn any person’s attention to him.

Most importantly, I find him the most beautiful and dangerous. He had this long and messy hairstyle for a man. His lashes were more long and his jaw were more set.

 He does look the most elegant in his white long sleeved polo, added his ear piercing in his left ear.

 I was startled when he stood up. Frankly, all of us. The rest of the men in his age furrowed their brows.

“Where are you going?” Percival asked before his mother had the chance.

“Germany.” He replied as he left the dining room.

 Once he left, I can felt Arsha saddened. Her husband caressed her cheeks and smiled at her reassuringly.

“He’ll be back.” He said to her wife and Arsha smiled back at him as she nodded.

I stayed in the living room for a while after the meal. Silently sitting on the couch where he sat.

I closed my eyes for a while and flashed the memory back of him.

I didn’t know his name.

“Don’t be sad. That rude brother of yours will be back soon.” I was startled when I heard Percival’s voice behind. I turned to face him and saw him smiling ear to ear.

How can you know. He doesn’t even talk.”

Percival chuckled. “He’s like that whenever he met new people. Trust me, when he gets to know me, you’ll see the true Arov.”

“Arov? Isn’t his name Aram?”I asked confused.

“His name is Aram Vixerious. Some people called him Vix, other Aram. But don’t call him Arov and Vixerious. He can be very violent once you call him that.” Percival warned.

 He smiled to me while waving as he disappeared behind the massive door.

I was left alone in starte of unexplainable emotion.

I only had one thing in my mind.

Aram Vixerious.

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