Kingslayer Part 1: The Fall.(Children Of Fate Book 1)

By @EzraLord

Kingslayer Part 1: The Fall.(Children Of Fate Book 1)

By @EzraLord

The story of Felix, an orphan who only wishes to know more about the family he never had, who is caught up in the middle of a rebellion after his village is destroyed by a mysterious man. He finds himself trapped in a complex game of betrayal, manipulation and loyalty. He finds out more about his old family and in the meantime gains a new one. Can the former blacksmith break free of this cycle and finally discover the truth about his parents?

Chapter 8

5, Mondager

Felix/Kai’s POV –

I awaken sweating. The dream still haunts me and with renewed interest as I can finally decipher parts of it. Also because the part with the Outcast revealing himself was new. Sameth is awake, looking at me. He is fully dressed and the light creeping through the opening tells me that I have overslept.

“Are you alright? I heard you screaming last night.” Sameth asks. “Fine” I say, not wanting to seem weak in front of the scholar. I rise and head outside to find water for a bath, when, to my surprise, there is a filled basin already there. I have to get used to being pampered, I think.

I drag the basin inside with great effort and notice that Sameth has slunk away. Clothes are on my rough bed of furs. A tunic, long sleeved, and ankle length breeches, complete with boots. All were in brown and after a long soaking, I rather reluctantly left the basin of soothing, warm water and put on my clothes, belting the tunic at the waist.

As soon as I stepped into my boots and attached a short sword to my waist for good measure, Quandoren walks in. “Follow me, Felix” he demands and with no other option I comply. He leads me through the complex of tents to a pavilion.

We enter the grand hall of cloth and I notice two men standing within, surrounded by guards. They both look remarkably similar, with the same black hair and blue eyes.

“Storme and Calme, brothers and leaders of the rebellion.” Quandoren whispers into my ear. I nod and then step forward. “This is our Praimbleda.” Quandoren announces once he is in earshot of the brothers. “Good.” The taller one, Storme, I assume says. “However grateful we are for his presence, it is necessary for us to verify that he is not a spy of any kind.” Calme states.

He waves his arms and two people walk into the room. One is a man with an arrogant smile on his face, hair shorn off so he is practically bald and his skinny figure is terrible. Obviously not a warrior, I think. The other is a woman of a

round twenty with light brown hair, skin the same colour and hazel-brown eyes with a reddish tinge, her body is toned and her clothing is that of a warriors, yet it shows off her curvaceous body. The man steps closer and reaches out to grasp my hands when Quandoren bats his hands away.

“I need a word with him.” is all he says before I hear his voice in my head. Do not use your real name, choose another one. He says into my head. My mind wanders for a few seconds and then I think of Great Grand-sire Jon’s many stories. I think of King Kai, son of King Jon and find it a fitting name for me.

Kai, I am Kai. I respond. Quandoren acknowledges this by waving me forward and saying ” Go ahead, Kai, you have nothing to fear.”

The man places his hands on my temples and a look of confusion flickers onto his face. I feel a weird sensation in my mind and can feel this person, Cerebron, his mind tells me. His consciousness laid out before me, all his memories, all his thoughts.

Before I can go any further, he whips his hands away and recoils from me. “What in Chaos was that?” he asks. I look to Quandoren and he opens his mouth to reply when the woman speaks.

“The boy has a strong magical aura, he is the one.” She then turns to me and says “Tell me, Kai Valoursson, what do you have left to lose?” I look at her in shock, when Calme speaks. ” He is the one? You have seen this, have you, Valkyrie?” She looks at me, her eyes now a deep crimson, before replying.

” Aye, I have seen it. I have seen him standing before the Dragon Throne with a sword in his hand. The tip pointed at the Oathbreaker’s heart.” A prophecy, or vision. I realise with a start.

“Enough of this, I am taking him to begin the task immediately. If we are to take Geel’arda then we need Desorath and we therefore we need Kai to retrieve him.” Quandoren states before continuing.” He leaves in a while, and he will free Desorath and return.” The authority in his voice is clear.

“That was some powerful magic you did back there” Quandoren says when we leave. “Magic?” I question. “Yes, reversing the mental probe on Cerebron, strong magic for an untrained Mage like you.” I am about to open my mouth to reply, to question further. To ask how I could possibly do magic. To say that I am just an assassin and blacksmith. However, before any of these objections can issue from my mouth, Quandoren shoves me into my tent after saying ” We will discuss this when you are back. Now, get ready and head to the stables.”

Once inside, I walk to my trunk and I pull on a long sleeved tunic on top of a different short sleeved one and trousers, all three weaved with thin metal threads to protect against weak cuts and slashes, before adding vambraces – made from boiled leather with longitudinal pieces of metal for better protection, greaves – similar to the vambraces – and an armoured riding jacket, complete with a cloth hood. In my belt, I attach the sheathes of my combat knives and those of my throwing knives, leaving the sword behind. I grab my gear and head over to the rudimentary stables to get a horse.

Once there, I am supplied with a beautiful black horse who is apparently the fastest mule they own. He was bred by the Anaksari and this assures me of Shadow’s abilities. I test him out by urging him on to the gates and I must admit that he is faster and far superior to Blossom, my old horse from before my village was destroyed.

I reach the gates, riding Shadow, and Quandoren is there, waiting for me. He stands up, leaning on his staff, and walks towards me. He is holding a sword in one hand and hands it to me. It is purple, inlaid with amethysts and bordered by silver. Deep in it’s centre is what looks like a horn and a single rune is inscribed on it. Somehow I know what it says and I whisper ” Wahelen”. Quandoren simply nods, “It means Hope.” He says.”It was your father’s sword. Sadly I lost it’s sister sword, Vrangleer, during the Battle of Geel’arda. However, I want you to take it and free Desorath. Head to Shadeward and he should be in the Barons dungeon.” I take the sword and attach the scabbard over my back. ” I have this memory, of you. You say you are my uncle, is it true?” I ask, suddenly remembering my nightmare. “Yes, now go, make me proud nephew.” He replies.

After this encounter, I ride off to Shadeward on Shadow, to free Desorath. As I ride, I begin to think. About Quandoren and how he seems to be hiding something from me, about my weird knowledge of runes and magic and as I ride on with the weight of my father’s sword against my back, the weight of his legacy and how much is riding on this rescue.

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