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King of the World

By @Briannag288

Not My Fault

“What do I do? Do I want this? I need to say no. I need to refuse, but my mind won’t let me,” Jasper thought. “Do I really want them to die?”

“I need an answer, Jazz. Now,” Lance said, raising his hand. The blanks raised their guns and aimed at the box. 

Jasper hunched over in pain. Grasping at his head. “My head…it hurts!” Jasper said. 

“You’re due for another dose soon. The exceed is waring off. I may have given you too much in a short time, but that’s okay,” Lance snickered. “I’m more than happy to help you once I get an answer.”

“W-What do we do?” Ronda said, rushing over to Jasper.

“Stay back!” Jasper shouted. “I might…I might…hurt you.”

Ronda stopped. She couldn’t believe what she saw—the man she loved. The one who made her laugh and cared for her was in terrible pain, and she couldn’t do anything to help.

“It hurts…it hurts…it hurts…it hurts!” What should I do? I don’t know what to do! Will killing them make the pain stop? Well, I feel better? I just want it to stop! ******, why me? Why do I have to do this? How did this go so wrong? I just wanted to be happy. For once. Just once. It’s their fault. All their fault. They did this to me. Why should they be happy when I’m not? Neither of them knows how hard my lives been. They’ve had it so easy,” Jasper thought. 

“Okay,” Jasper said. 

“Sorry?” Lance smiled. “What was that?”

“So many have died. So I could get here. I deserve to be happy too. Casualties happen. These things aren’t my family. My family won’t leave me alone for so many years. My family wouldn’t turn their backs on me when I needed them. It’s your fault I’m here. It’s your fault I’ve gone through hell. Now, it’s you’ll pay.” Jasper smiled and turned to Lance. “I’ll do it.”

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