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King of the World

By @Briannag288

The Boy in the Glass Box: Part One

“Isn’t this nice? I’m truly happy for you right now, Jasper,” King said, laughing. 

“How did you get here?” Jasper asked, ignoring King. He slowly stood up and approached her. “You can’t be here.”

“I’ve been here for a few days. They came and took me from my apartment. I was talking to Amber, and then Jason was at my door. I don’t remember too much after that, but I woke up down here,” Ronda said, wiping her face. The staff member behind her looked uncomfortable. He was masked, but Jasper could see he didn’t want to be there.

“Okay, you can take her out now. I wanted him to see her. Now he has so I want the room. We’ll see you in a little while, Ms. Edwards,” King said, waving her away.

“You ******* ******** Jasper yelled. “Let her go. She does have anything to do with this.” He took a step towards Ronda, but the staff member pointed a gun at her head. 

“Jaz,” Ronda said. 

“Don’t move. She’ll be fine,” The staff member said, walking out of the room with Ronda.

Jasper turned back towards King and had to stop himself from killing King right then and there. “You didn’t have to do that. You didn’t have to bring her here,” Jasper said.

“Huh? I thought you would be happy to see her. Ah! I understand. With everything that’s happened, you were overwhelmed. No need to worry; it should quiet soon. Since I’ve chosen you as the new King, the other players aren’t needed anymore.”

“You’re just going to kill them? Why not let them leave? Why all this murder?” Jasper asked. It was pointless asking him these questions, but what else could he do?

“I suppose I do owe you some answers. But first, a story. I call it “The Boy in the Glass Box.” Trust me, it’s good. Listen to me and then I’ll tell you everything. Fair?” King asked.

Jasper sat back down and tried to calm himself. “Fine.”

“Thank you,” King said as his mask changed to a smiley face. “I promise it’s not long. Once upon a time, there was a little boy. We’ll call him J. J was average. Nothing too special about him. He was just a normal kid. Then a group of monsters thought J could be greater. They took J away from his old life. They subjected him to all sorts of horrors no child should ever experience. No. No human should ever experience. They kept him in a large glass box. It was the size of a small apartment. J learned fast that no one was coming to save him. He’d have to break himself out. But how? He couldn’t break the glass. No one ever opened the door to his prison. The only time he saw anyone was when they came to experiment on him and bring him food through a little slot in the door. Then an idea came to him. He took his time and waited for the right moment. He’d already been through a month of hell by that point, so a few more days wouldn’t kill him. It may ruin his mind, but that was a fair trade. J waited and waited. Trial after all trial. Day after day. He waited. Then it happened. The moment he waited for. When they brought him his food for the week, that’s when…”

“When what?” Jasper asked.

“Eh, make up your own ending. It’s better that way. It’s not like the real ending is special or anything. So I owe you answers, right? Ask away.”

“Why do all this?” Jasper asked.

“Let me answer your question with a question. What does everyone here have in common? You’ve noticed by now, right? Josh lost his eye, Franklin was in a fire, Carmine was attacked by her father and slashed across the face, and you have wounds too. Though not physical there still there. All of you are broken, just like me. I wanted to see something. I wanted to see who’s pain was greater. It’s like I said before. Pain’s one hell of a motivator,” King laughed. 

“I don’t under–“

“Jasper! You alright?” Franklin asked, opening the door. He was severely wounded, with blood running down his shirt and his right arm. 

“Franklin? You’re okay?” Jasper asked. 

“I wouldn’t say okay was the right word,” Franklin winced. “But I’ll live.” He looked over to King. “I thought something was weird when we left, and you were suddenly gone. I knew you were up to some shady **** from day one.”

“Is that any way to talk to your King?” King asked, smiling.

“Probably not, but I don’t really care right now. After all the **** you’ve done. Go on, coward. Take off that stupid mask. I want to say something to the man underneath,” Franklin said, sitting next to Jasper. 

“Dude, you’re bleeding.”

“I hadn’t noticed!” Franklin shouted.

“Your sarcasm offends me,” Jasper said. He turned towards King. “I’ve only heard one person say that to me since I’ve been here. So, what the ****, Lance?”

King took off his mask, and his washed grey hair dropped over his face. With one hand,l he slicked it back and smiled. “Aw, you had to go spoil it, Frank. I was getting to that,” Lance laughed. “Man, that thing gets stuffy. So, Jasper, what did you think of my story?”

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