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King of the World

By @Briannag288

Nightmare: Part One

Jasper woke up in the middle of the night. The nightmares were becoming too real. They always have been getting more intense, but this was too much. Looking out the window, he saw beat-up cars pass by his apartment. God knows what they were doing this late, but it didn’t bother him. The neon signs were giving him a headache the more he had to look at them. 

“Nice to see our tax dollars going to good use. Scratch that, all our dollars. **** this place,” Jasper thought. He shut the curtains and hobbled downstairs. he tried to be as quiet as possible as not to wake up Amber, who was sleeping soundly. Opening the fridge, he saw a to-go box with his name on it. Literally, on the top, it had, “Three spicy tuna rolls. Comments: Eat up, Jazzy. You got this!”

He couldn’t help but smile. “Heh, I think I will.” Jasper grabbed the box and headed outside. He sat on the stairs and started eating his food. 

“No matter how bad things are. Don’t forget you have people who care about you, Jasper.” His mother used to say that to him all the time. She knew their situation was ****** and that she had little time left, but that didn’t stop her from doing her best. It didn’t stop her from loving him and supporting him. “****,” Jasper said, wiping his face. He didn’t even notice he was crying. “I’m so sorry, mom. I should’ve been there. Instead of doing stupid ****. I made you worry.”

The nightmare popped into his head. Even though he knew it wasn’t a nightmare. It was a memory. He was late like always. His mother had been calling him for hours. All he wanted to do was steal. It was a sunny day. He remembers that. It was five years ago.

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