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King of the World

By @Briannag288


“You want us to do what?” Franklin asked as they rode the elevator back to their floor.

“When this surprise game starts, we will sneak to the other side of this place and “borrow” a car. It should be big enough,” Jasper said, leaning against the wall.

It should be? I don’t like should be. How do you know he’s even telling you the truth? Those pictures could’ve been faked. For all, we know we could be on Mars,” Josh said.

“Joshua’s right. I mean, you both are. We don’t for sure know where we are or if there’s a car waiting. It could be another game they’re playing on you,” Jasmine said. “However…”

“There’s still that possibility,” Franklin finished. “If there’s a chance, we should take it. WHat’s the alternative? Sit here and die?”

“But what about the person that gets picked as the hunter? They would still have to kill someone, or else they would die,” Jasper said. 

“We don’t know that. Did he say that?” Franklin asked.

“Not really,” Jasper said, almost embarrassed. “He never said the hunter would die.”

“Let’s assume they will. Losing means dying here. We’ve seen that first hand. They just have to kill someone,” Franklin said. Everyone looked at him like he was insane. “What?”

“Did you just hear what you just said? You want us to murder someone? One of us?” Josh said, glancing at Jasmine. “Like hell.”

“I know how that sounds but let’s be real. People are going to die. I’d like to save everyone but let’s be realistic. It’s gonna be a massacre. We need to use that to get out,” Franklin said. His face looked dark, but his eyes were hopeful.

“Okay, hypothetically, if we had to kill someone, who would it be? The doors don’t open until someone on our floor dies. I like you guys. So who? Jasper said as the doors opened. The only light that was on was Carmine’s. “I honestly thought she died. I haven’t seen her in days.”

“Me neither,” Franklin said, walking over to Carmine’s door and knocking. “Car?”


“Car? You in there?” Franklin asked a bit louder. 

“Of course she’s in there. The light’s on,” Jasper thought.

“Yo, Carmine, everything okay?” Franklin asked.

It was quiet for a moment; then, a loud thud hit the floor. Not loud enough to be a person, but something heavy fell. Jasper was sure of it. Then the light turned off. “What the hell?” Jasper asked, moving past Franklin and trying the handle. The door budged a little but didn’t open. “Hey, something’s blocking the door. Help me out.”

Franklin moved to the other side of the hallway. “Move. I got this,” He said, bracing himself. Everyone moved out of the way as Franklin charged the door, and it flew open. “See?” He panted. “Told you I had…” Franklin’s eyes widened in horror as he looked around. 

“What’s up? Is she…oh god,” Jasmine said, following Franklin’s line of sight. 

Jasper walked inside and saw what had everyone stunned. Carmine’s room had been completely ransacked. Her monitor was busted, the bed was shredded, and the closet was cleaned out. One question ran through Jasper’s mind. “Why was her light on if she was never in here?”

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