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King of the World

By @Briannag288


“I told him,” Jason said impatiently, shaking his leg. Jason watched Jasper exit the room and be escorted back to the dining area. Shortly after, he had got a call from Jessie.

“Cool, I got mine, and Rose has her’s. Just waiting on Damon. Like always,” Jessie said. “I’m on my way over to him right now. Who do you think King will pick?”

“I have no idea. Maybe 233? He’s a fan favorite, apparently. I just can’t wait to go home.”

“Don’t sound too sad, or are you just wanting to get back to that future wife of yours?” Jessie laughed. “Job getting to be too much for you?”

“Of course not, and yes, I want to see her. It’s been a month now. Once this game is done and we get paid, I’ll be good until the next one,” Jason said. Then the doors to the dining room opened. “Hey, they just got released. I’ll talk to you later.”

“See ya,” Jessie said, hanging up.

Jason put his helmet back on and put his guns back in his holsters on his back. “This better be worth it,” Jason thought before walking out of the room. 

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