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King of the World

By @Briannag288

The Spade Knight

The group made their way down to the dining hall. When they entered, Jasper nearly gasped. “Heh, we must be early,” He said.

“I don’t think so. I think this is it,” Franklin said, walking towards the food line. As he walked, Franklin noticed that everyone kept their heads down, and it was deathly silent. The muscles in his back tensed as he stood in line.

The fear in Jasper’s stomach increased as he saw the food they were giving out. Everything was in take-out boxes and nowhere near as lavish as the first time. “Looks like they don’t feel like they need to be nice anymore,” Jasper thought as he picked up a box and sat down with the others. Inside his box was a ham sandwich with cheese, a bag of plain potato chips, and a juice packet. “A king’s meal,” Jasper said under his breath. Josh laughed but covered it up as a sneeze. 

It wasn’t until Jasper looked up that he noticed everyone looking towards the dining room entrance. All of them had a terrified look on their faces as The Red Spade Knight entered the room.

“I thought no one was in here. Why so quiet, everyone?” Jason asked, looking around the room. He was wearing his red and black armor, which looked more high-tech up close. His eyes stopping on Jasper’s. Jason pointed his finger in Jasper’s direction with one motion, and three spade masks hurried over.

“You’re knight wishes to have a word. Now,” One of them said while placing his hand on Jasper’s shoulder. Jasper shook the staff member’s handoff and followed them out of the room. 

The spade staff led him to an adjacent room and locked the door as they left the room. Inside were two chairs and a long table in between them. Jasper took a seat on the left side of the table. “One door and one other chair. If anything happens, I can get a small head start. That armor has to be heavy,” Jasper thought. 

The door opened, and Jason stepped inside. Locking the door behind him. He sat his guns on the table and sat on the other side in the empty chair. Arms crossed, he leaned forward and studied Jasper. 

“Um, hi?” Jasper asked, trying not to seem uncomfortable. 

Jason’s green eyes narrowed, and his face was completely stone. “Jasper Lee Jones,” He said. His expression didn’t change.


Jason burst out laughing. “Oh, man, you look like you’re gonna pee yourself,” He said. He went around the table and hugged him. “It’s so good to finally meet you. Emily talks about you a lot. Really painted a picture. Sorry,” He said, letting him go. “I’m normally not a hugger.” Jason sat back in his chair and leaned back. “I honestly didn’t know you were her brother until I saw you in the dining room. You both have the same eyes.”

“Does Em know you’re a killer?” Jasper asked. All the fear he had was starting to fade. His anger started to come to the surface. “Does she know you murder for King?”

“Talk about a mood killer,” Jason said. “Yes, she does. I tell her everything. In fact, I was just talking to her. She wanted us to meet.”

“No way she would agree to this.” 

“She thinks it’s just a game, just like everyone else. I mean, it is. All of this is a game. You read the rules. You had plenty of chances to say no. But you’re here because of the same reason I am. To make sure the women in our lives are happy. Isn’t that right? I know you’re here to win so you can make a life for yourself and your woman. I saw it in your file.”

“I never put–“

“You’re real file. Everyone here has one. I’m sure you’ve met people—formed groups and friendships. No one here’s your friend. Everyone here’s only looking out for themselves. Look, I’m only telling you this because Em wanted me to look out for you. I wasn’t sure you were worth it, but King has taken a liking to you. It also doesn’t hurt that you’ve been doing great so far. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to talk to you before “it” happens tonight.”

Jasper tried not to act surprised, “What’s happening?”

“Word of advice. Use your game skip card. There’s a hidden game tonight. Make sure you do that, or I won’t be able to help you,” Jason smiled. His voice was careful, and he spoke in a low tone. “Help you get out, I mean.”

“What?” Jasper asked in disbelief.

“You heard me. At midnight when the hidden game happens, I’ll come and get you. I’ll take you out of here and back to Em.” His smile grew. “You’re going home, brother.”

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