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My Life as a Dragon

By @Doku


The alarm clock goes off in a messy room with Lance laying on his bed with the covers on the floor. As the alarm clock gets louder, Lance reaches over to it and turns it off by throwing it onto the floor. The warmth of his bed made it difficult for Lance to open his eyes and get up. It’s as if an anvil was on his chest, refusing to let him get out of bed. Eventually though, he was able to bring out enough strength to resist the temptation of his his bed and sits up. He slowly rubs his eyes and bends down to pick up the alarm clock.

“Seven fifteen. I’m getting better. Last year it always took me like thirty minutes to get up,” he says with his hand resting on his face.

This type of morning was a regular routine for Lance. So he always makes sure to set his alarm to go off an hour before school. He looks at himself in the mirror as he waits for his eyes to adjust, “Why do I always change in my sleep?”As he gets dressed he makes his way to the kitchen. While making his way to the kitchen he glances by his parents room. The door is wide open with the room looking completely clean and neat. It was as if it’s been empty for quite awhile. Once at the kitchen, he looks around and sees nothing but empty space. Lance scratches his head as if the silence made his skin crawl. He walks over to the fridge and grabs a couple of soft boiled eggs. Lance usually doesn’t have enough time to make breakfast so he likes to buy soft boiled eggs as a quick solution. He makes his way to the front door and before leaving, looks back. Still empty and quiet.

As he makes his way to school, while eating his eggs, he sees in the distance Axel. Axel is an easy person to spot with his green hair. The two have been friends ever since Lance moved to the United States about three years ago. Lance was originally from the UK but surprisingly doesn’t have an accent that would give this away.

“You’re up early,” Lance says as he wraps his right arm around Axel’s neck from behind.

“My dad had a meeting today so he couldn’t drop me off.”

“I don’t get why you don’t walk more to school. It’s only a short walk.”

“Dude, can you not like chew your food so close to my face. I don’t want to smell your eggs. And I like sleeping in. Unlike you. I can get out of my bed in under five minutes.”

“Hey, sleeping is how I keep my good looks.” Lance says as he runs his fingers through his hair.

“So is that why you take naps throughout all your classes?”

“I don’t hear the teachers complain,” Lance says as he finishes his breakfast.

“Because by some miracle, your grades never slip under an A+” Axel says as he playfully glares at Lance. “By the way, your parents home yet? It’s been like a month now.”

“They run an important business that requires them to travel a lot. I’m used to it by now.”

“You live the dream man. Parents are never home, you got money, looks. Kids our age kill for that lifestyle.”

“Heh…yay…” Lance replies with as small frown.

Lance doesn’t actually find his lifestyle as something to be proud of. Having money is nice but not something he gloats about. It’s not something he is especially proud of. It’s not his money, it was given to him. So he only uses the money on necessities. He wears clothes from thrift stores, uses outdated smartphones, and has a decent laptop for school. You can say he is like a minimalist.

As the two make it to school they spot a few other kids near the the entrance. One of them spots Axel and Lance as they got closer.

“I was wondering why you weren’t here yet,” Arthur says towards Axel. Arthur is like Axel where he stands out pretty easily. He dies his hair white and wears fake glasses as a fashion prop; he likes to stand out from the crowd.

“My dad had a meeting so I thought I’d give this guy some company,” Axel says as he bumps his shoulder on Lance’s.

“Hey Apple,” Lance says as he tries to hide his smile.

“Hi Lance,” She says with a smile. Apple was a fitting name for her as her hair is bright red. Her skin is also pretty pale with freckles all over her body. Her smile can brighten any room.

Upon seeing her smile, Lance tries to avoid maintaining eye contact with Apple. Everyone sees Lance trying to play cool and failing at it.

Wanting to break this awkward tension. Lucy ask if everyone was still down for going to the movies after school. Don’t let the name fool you, Lucy is actually a guy. He has dark brown hair, with dark brown eyes. He tends to also wear makeup and because of that many people see him as a goth kid. It doesn’t help when people find out his real name is Lucifer, which is why he prefers Lucy. His parents named him Lucifer because they wanted to disconnect the name from its religious context. It didn’t workout very well.

Axel replied quickly with a “Yup.”

“Yah, I cleared it with my parents.” Apple says as she turns her head away from Lance and brushes her hair behind her ear.

“I can but I’ll have to leave right after. I have to study for my bio test that’s on Wednesday,” Arthur replied with.

As everyone was waiting for Lance’s answer, he seemed to be distracted by something. He was sniffing the air and was beginning to feel disgusted. There it is again. So I wasn’t imagining it yesterday. I guess I’m not the only one here now, Lance thought to himself. He had a ****** expression of a person who just smelt rotten eggs or raw fish.


“Huh?” The yelling of his name quickly snaps him out of his trance, realizing his friends are all staring at him.

“Well?” Lucy asked.

“Well what?”

“Are you coming with us to see the movie?”

“Oh, yay. Of course. It’s not like my parents can say no.” Those words felt like knives going threw his chest.

The bell rings and everyone, but Axel and Lance, began their walk towards their first class.

“Lance, wait up for a sec.” Axel shouts out

“Whats up?” Lance says as his eyelids began to feel heavy.

“You okay? You looked like you were thinking about something really hard.”

“Sorry, I thought I smelt something really gross and it kind of distracted me. You know me, I’m no good until my first period nap.”

Axel stares at Lance for a bit while Lance walks away after answering him. That answer didn’t sit right with him. He’s known Lance long enough to know when he’s lying.

“You can’t throw me off that easy,” Axel whispered to himself.

Off into the distance however was someone else, watching Axel and Lance. “Could that smell…be from him?”

First period was Math, probably one of the worst classes to have to start off with in the morning. Lance has made it a habit of not even paying attention and just sleep. As the teacher starts his class, during roll call he doesn’t even bother to say Lance’s name. He knew Lance will already be taking a nap. This used to annoy him greatly but over time learned to just accept it. Lance’s grades were amazing after all.

Thirty minutes go by and Lance slowly open his eyes. “There’s that smell again.” He slowly picks up his head and looks around. By the time he was fully up, the smell was gone.

“Now what do we owe the pleasure for the great Lance to be awake during my class?” The teacher asked.

“Uh…” Feeling embarrassed by being called out.

“I’m just messing with you. But now that you’re up, might as well pay attention, no?”

With a big yawn, Lance agreed and proceeds to open his textbook. We must have a new student. I’ve never smelt that disgusting scent before. I better keep my eyes out for it. It probably have noticed me too by now, Lance thought to himself.

Third period is the only class Lance bothers to stay up for. He takes his seat and turns his head towards the door. Apple walks into the classroom and waves over to Lance as she takes her seat next to him. Lance likes to rest his head on his left arm as a way to hide his blushing face. Apple just makes a small chuckle and takes out her notebook.

“Okay everyone. I hope everyone went out and tried to find as many constellations as you could. We live in a big city so light pollution does make affect how many stars we can see.” The teacher says.

Lance looks over to Apple’s notebook and sees she drew a few constellations that she was able to spot. She sees Lance looking over, “Let me guess. You slept instead of doing the assignment.”

“Huh?” He says as he turns his head towards her. “Well it wasn’t a real assignment, it was just for fun.”

“Lance, come on. Why did you take this class if you don’t even put all your effort into it.”

“Uh..eh…I do put effort. I have an A don’t I? And I took this class because you wanted me too remember.” Lance says as he turns his head forward.

“That’s right. I’m sorry for snapping at you.”

“You call that snapping at me?” He says as he chuckles under his breath. Not wanting to bring attention to himself. “I’ve seen you mad and the worst thing you do his call them names. You don’t even yell or swear.” That’s one of your traits I really like about you.

“Don’t make fun of me!” She says as she puffs up her cheeks.

Lance can’t help but look at her pouting from the corner of his eyes and grins.

Lunch time rolls around and only two classes left to go. Lance and all his friends like to set under a tree away from everyone. Tables can get pretty crowded and this way they can be as loud and silly as they want. Lance always ends up eating two lunches and never shows signs of being full.

“Are you going to finish that?” Lance ask as he tries to take a piece of Arthur’s burger.

“Can you like not?” Arthur says, smacking Lance’s hand. Arthur takes a big bite and chews it in front of Lance.

Axel reluctantly gives Lance a piece of his sushi. Axel always brings his own lunch and it’s always something different. One time he ordered pizza and had it delivered to the school for lunch.

“Dude, you got to stop enabling Lance’s mooching off people’s lunch. You’re rich you ********. Just bring your own massive lunch.”

“That’s too much work.”

Lucy facepalms and throws a strawberry at Lance.

Three hours has passed now and the final bell rings. Lance makes his way to the front and sees everyone is waiting for him.

“Have we even decided on a movie yet?” Lance asked.

“I kind of want to see that fantasy movie that just came out.”

“The one about dragons and magic?”

“Do you guys think dragons are real?”

“Of course not, they’re just myths.”

While Lucy, Apple, and Arthur argue about dragons and magic. Axel notices that Lance was lagging behind and wasn’t joining in on the conversation. Worried, he slows down to Lance’s speed and walks with him. Lance’s eyes were down and had a frown on his face as if something was making him upset. Axel bumps into Lance, snapping him out of his trance.

“You okay?”

“You know what. I don’t exactly feel like watching a movie now.”

Hearing Lance, Lucy turns around “We can pick a different movie if you want.”

Everyone else turns around to, showing concern for Lance.

Lance assures them that it’s not the type of movie that is the issue. He made an excuse saying how he wants to go home to try and reach his parents. “I think I’m just missing them and don’t want to be a downer.”

Everyone accepts Lance’s answer and continue to walk without him. Axel stays behind for a minute, watching Lance walk home.

Once at the movies, they get settled into their seats. As everyone converse with each other. Axel couldn’t stop thinking about Lance. It’s not like him to act so down. He couldn’t help feel that it had to do with something else besides his parents not being home. In the three years they’ve known each other, Lance has always been honest with him. 

“Guys, I’ll be right back.”

“What? Why?” asked Arthur.

“I want to check on Lance. Make sure he’s okay.”

“You’ll miss the movie though.” Lucy stated.

“I’ll be back once I make sure he’s okay.” Axel says as he gets up from his seat.

To be able to make it to Lance’s house and back before the movie ends. Axel orders a ride on his phone to take him to Lance’s house. Once there he knocks on the door. There wasn’t an answer.

“Lance? You okay dude.” Axel says at the door, knocking on it again. Axel checks his surroundings and picks up a rock near the front door. Inside the rock was a spare key and proceeds to let himself inside. “Lance?”

He couldn’t help but feel nervous. Lance said he was going home but it looks like he’s not here. Axel started to think that maybe Lance had lied about where he was going. The house felt eerie, all Axel could hear was the wind blowing from the AC. Axel makes his way to Lance’s room and sees that the door was closed. “I guess he’s asleep,” he says to himself as he opens the door.

As Axel’s opens the door, he sees all the covers are on the floor. He moves his eyes towards the bed and shouts. “What the ****!”

To his surprise he sees a human looking body laying on the bed. But there was something wrong with it. It wasn’t wearing a shirt and it’s flesh looks like it’s covered in red scales. His hands looked like claws and a tail was poking through a hole in the person’s pants.  

The thing on the bed opens it eyes to see Axel standing by the door. Axel starts having a hard time controlling his breathing and starts to sweat nervously.  

“Axel? What are you doing in my house?” The person asked.

“How…how do you know my name!!” Axel shouts as he starts to walk backwards out of the room.

Confused at Axel’s reaction, the person proceeded to rub it’s eyes with its hands to try and fully wake up. He then stops, the person realizes that it’s hands feel rough because of its scales. He takes a look at his arms and chest, while its tail swings around hitting its legs.

“Oh ******* The person said. “Axel, I can explain. It’s me, Lance”

“More like you ate Lance! Get the **** away from me!” Axel yelled out as he dashed for the front door.

********** Lance said under his breath.

Axel makes it to the front door but before he can open it, Lance appears right next to him with his hand on the door. Axel turns his head to see that Lance now looks normal. Feeling like an idiot Axel says, “Oh you are Lance. Maybe I need to get my eyes checked. For a second you looked like a crazy demon thing.”

“Yah….about that. I’m a dragon. The king of dragons to be more specific.”

With wide eyes the only words Axel was able to say were “Huh?”

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