Keep Breathing (Not Finshed)

By @nobody160
Keep Breathing (Not Finshed)

It was 31st December when it happened... A thick black fog covered the world, killing millions of people, But there were people who survived, changing in the process. Now the world is just a giant free for all and no matter who you are, You have to kill to survive this hell hole.

Chapter 1

How It Began

The Apocolypse. Many people thought that it would happen like the movies. Heaven vs Hell, Zombies or Natural Disaster, etc. But one thing everyone agreed on it was that it wouldn’t happen while they existed, it could only happen in a Sci-fi future like in year 3050. I’m sorry to crush everyone theories, but that proved to be completely false. 

It happened 10 seconds before it turned 2017. I was 14 when it happened. I was peacefully waiting to celebrate New Year’s Eve with my parents, we were curled up on the couch in our London apartment, watching the countdown to midnight on the TV. My father and I were stuffing our faces with chocolate fudge cake while my mum was griping at us to wait until the start of the new year. It was a peaceful moment and full of laughter and love.

It all went down south when the TV turned to static, then switched on to a news report with a women screaming to close up all doors and windows, to get inside or you will die before she collapsed and the TV turned off. My parents looked at each and started to rush around the apartment closing everything and shouting at me to help. I thew open the curtain so to see what was going on, only to see a thick black fog covering the city and before my parents could pull me away from what I was seeing, I blacked out entirely.

I came to and saw my parent laying next to me not breathing, like any child seeing their parent dead in front of them, I sobbed and sobbed for what felt like hours. Finally I stopped crying and turned the TV back on, it showed a gruff angry man telling people ‘the apocalypse has begun and people who survived are now in a free for all and that we have abilities to help us’ which was nice to know until his next proclamation, ‘and if you think that you can beat me you are completely delusional’. Even though I was still in a mixture of shock, anger and sadness, I knew that I had to leave the city as soon as possible or I would surely die.

It’s now 2018, I’m 15 years old and surviving in the countryside of Britain, on the edge of a war zone like a city. I’m cold and alone but alive at least and I still have my sanity which is a comforting thought. Most people would think to stick with a group but the last time I did that, my ability caused their deaths so I cannot risk it again. Oh, and if you were wondering what my name is, it’s Willow or Will whichever one you like to use is fine but I will not tell you or anyone what my full name is since it’s meanless now. I should get going, I’m about to go on a retrieval mission so that’s all I can say, for now, let’s hope I will survive.

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