Judgement Day

By @jg0318
Judgement Day

2 high schoolers who do not get along very well become neighbors. Soon after, a meteor strike causes the world to end and they seem to be the only ones left. Will the human race end or can they find other people and continue it?

Chapter 1


It was just a regular day in Clementson. It was cloudy outside with the high of 85 and a low of 73 and the weather was great. Kids were outside, and birds were flying all around the neighborhood. Samuel Tilden was getting ready to move in the neighborhood that day in a house his parents had just purchased. People would describe Samuel as very relaxed and genuine person. If he ever saw someone in struggle or in need, he would do all that he could to help that person out. He had a good life and there was only one apparent problem that he was dealing with. It was a kid named Dana Matheson who went to the same High School as Samuel. Dana had notoriously bullied everyone for a long time but none worse than Samuel. Dana had a true hatred for Samuels positivity and generosity and he wanted to out an end to it. Hera, a mutual friend of both had told Samuel this and it did not make any sense to him. Samuel didn’t care however, he was going to continue to be himself and not let anyone stop him. He was moving in to his new home and spotted Dana down the street. He asked him what he was doing there, and Dana replied, “That is my house idiot” and pointed to the house right next to where Samuel was moving into. Dana said, “Looks like we about to be neighbors so I guess we will be spending a lotta time together hahaha.” 

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