Joe Blow from Accounting (Season 1)

By @Sombience

Joe Blow from Accounting (Season 1)

By @Sombience

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Joe was flying. Or rather, he was trying to fly. But he kept falling down. Down into the abyss.

Joe awoke abrupty. The loud then quickly fading thunder had jarred him. Buzz. Joe grabbed his phone from the dresser and saw the slept notification that had just arrived. “Funny, it usually appears right before I wake up,” thought Joe. There was also a past notification for an email from Claire.

“sorry to email so early! i couldn’t sleep most of the night thinking about all of this… and the way we connected through a random blog post, it just seems so unreal. do you really think you can reverse certain actions? it almost seems like the big actions can’t be reversed, although i apparently had the option to not sign those papers… this is giving me a headache! were we chosen?”

Joe remembered the original poster of the blog. He definitely had the app as well. It never occured to Joe to contact him until now.

Joe went to Google on his phone and tried to repeat the same search he performed at work. Nothing. Different terms. Nothing. “Where is it?” growled Joe. More terms. Bingo. Higher up in the results list this time. “(7 people in this conversation)”. Joe hit the link.

Comment 5: “No. Feckin. Way. I have this app too. I haven’t been to work and barely been outside since I got it. My phone is rooted, so the fact that it snuck its way on there is remarkable. That tool up there was joking about the NSA but I wouldn’t put it past them. ********.”

Comment 6: “Yeah cool story bro. Go troll reddit”

Comment 7 (from OP): “Holy **** I’m not insane! Check your messages guys!!”

Joe scrolled up to the top header of the blog site and logged in. Sure enough, he had two unread messages. He decided to view them after reading the blog comments. Joe scrolled back down.

Comment 8: “Come on guys, do you REALLY think any corporation would go this far just to collect bathroom and blog data? This is almost up there with those people who think the world is flat”

“I wish you were correct, mister,” Joe thought. He then scrolled up and hit the messages button.

The first message was from “galantworrior”, the OP of the blog. The second message was from a screenname that was not amongst the list of commenters on the blog. The subject header said “Please read”. He hit it immediately.

“They are watching you.

But not in the way you think.”

The message said nothing else. Joe stared at it for a moment. The screenname of the sender was simply “Watch”.

Joe had never responded to the blog site. How did this Watch person know he had the app?

Joe hit the back button and read galant’s message. A list of notifications he’d seen followed by a lot of exclamation points.

Joe thought about Watch’s message. “But not in the way you think.” Should he respond? “Perhaps this person knows something we don’t,” he thought. He brought up his email and began typing to Claire for a second opinion. Sent +1.

Joe finished freshening up when the buzz came from Claire’s reply. Joe ignored the Stats alerts.

“i just checked, i got the message too. same exact words you pasted me, from watch. i dug into the site map and found that you can see all the screennames that have viewed a thread, so maybe that’s how he found you. still pretty weird though. i say message him back, what do we have to lose? privacy?”

The room around Joe lit up. Crack of thunder 2 seconds later. He loved it when the weather matched his mood.

He began composing a message to Watch. “Hello. Your message intrigues me. Can you elaborate please?” Joe kept it neutral just in case this Watch was a standard internet troll.

Joe set his phone down on the table next to his couch and hadn’t stepped away yet when his phone buzzed. He grabbed it.

“Can’t elaborate now +4; will contact soon 444 [Ok] [Go to Stats app]”

Joe almost cried. He felt something he hadn’t felt in days. Joe felt hope.

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