Joe Blow from Accounting (Season 1)

By @Sombience

Joe Blow from Accounting (Season 1)

By @Sombience

Chapter 20


Joe watched the news the following morning. He didn’t bother showing up to work. As far as he was concerned, the event yesterday doubled as his resignation. He had gotten a few concerned texts earlier from his now former boss, which he ignored. The Stats app was still sending its alerts. “Business as usual for them today,” Joe thought.

Footage of the structure (and its appearance and disappearance) had been recorded by many observers, and the best of such had been broadcasted across the world by then. It hadn’t re-appeared.

Everyone was still confused. No one knew what the mysterious giant space city in the sky was.

But Joe knew.

The news program had once again started repeating the footage of officials trying to make contact with the structure, when he heard his phone vibrate on the coffee table in front of him.

It was not Watch. Watch had been silent since his last alert the day before. “We’re far from done.”

Joe feared the worst. With the amount of subterfuge that went into both hiding the structure and the Stats app itself, “they” would not be pleased about being exposed in such a grand way. Joe hoped for Watch’s safety.

And that was when Joe received his last Stats alert. But it did not arrive via his phone. He heard three hard knocks at his door.

Instant flashbacks to the same situation before. And again, he chose to remain still.

He heard the sound of paper sliding underneath his door. He looked above the back of his couch and sure enough, there was a single sheet of paper on the floor below his door, folded neatly in half. He heard the footsteps of someone walking away from his door outside.

Joe didn’t bother looking through the peep hole. He picked up the sheet of paper, unfolded it, and read its contents.

“Follow the app

Or ignore it.


Joe stared long and hard at the three small lines of text.

He realized that if they wanted him dead, he would have never gotten this note.

Joe brought up the Stats app. The initial loading screen with the large heart monitor line pulsated in colour, then loaded into the statistics screen. He brought up the settings. He scrolled down to Mute.

He enabled it. He was done.

He closed the app and looked straight up at his ceiling. Straight up into the center of his halo of light.

Joe Blow gave the whole ********* corporation the finger.

[Stay tuned for Season 2]

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