Joe Blow from Accounting (Season 1)

By @Sombience

Joe Blow from Accounting (Season 1)

By @Sombience

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Joe had returned home. He had received a text from Claire. She was envious of the Mute setting. Joe had empathized. He thought about Watch’s words. “Now what”. Was that a call from Watch to act? His alert had not been muted.

Buzz. It was like Watch was reading his thoughts.

“Drones +4; watch 444 [Ok] [Go to Stats app]”

He suddenly felt a sharp pain in both eyes. He doubled over as he instinctly pressed his fingers into his eyelids.

A moment later, the pain subsided.

Joe wiped the water from his eyes.


“Upgrade +4; watch 444 [Ok] [Go to Stats app]”

Watch had hacked his eyes. Joe shuddered to think how. “Wait for it, I’m sorry,” had been Watch’s words. “My God,” Joe uttered.

Could he now see invisible drones? Did the watchers know of this eye hack?

Did Watch now see everything Joe saw?

Joe decided he needed to take a walk outside for some fresh air.

After two steps onto his porch, he saw his first drone.

It was directly above him, surpassing the height of his house where it hovered. His own personal drone. Complete with a bright pink light on its bottom, near the edge. It was a perfect square in shape, unlike most any of the toy drones he’d seen kids playing with. And its entire blue-ish body was not opaque. Joe figured that the new mysterious software (or hardware) in his eyes was still an experimental technology. But he saw it. And it was most definitely man-made.

Joe pretended like he was looking at the clouds beyond it.

Joe felt both dread, and empowerment. What Watch had done was grisly, but effective. He contemplated on thanking him. The only place Joe had tried to respond to him was on that blog site. He dismissed the thought.

Joe started to walk. He could almost sense his drone following him.

15 minutes later, he came to the park he had visited during his basketball game reversal test. He assumed his position on the same bench.

There was a group of young teens surrounding a single teen who was preparing to shoot a ball into one of the court goals.

Joe looked above the teens.

A drone. Joe estimated that it hovered about 30 feet above the teen with the ball.

The teen shot the ball. He made the shot. The other kids said nothing, but immediately huddled around the scoring teen. After a few seconds they all started exclaiming things such as “Woah!”, “So weird!”, and the like. The teens dispersed from around the center teen. The center teen was swiping at his phone.

“Look who else has been droned,” Joe thought. Young people were no exceptions to who received one.

Joe studied the drone as it hovered with purpose over the teen, as the teen started a game with his friends.

It was round on top. Still slightly transparent, and a light blue color. He could see the sun gleaming off of its top round surface. The pink light looked like a mere ******** in the bright of day.

It had no propellers. Joe found no evidence of anything that would keep it hovering. But hovered it did, perfectly. No swaying or banking with turns. No turning at all. It moved with silent, effortless grace above the teen, staying at its height. It reminded Joe of a tiny U.F.O.

Of course, Joe had been keeping himself inconspicuous as he watched. He only darted his eyes for quick glimpses of the drone.

Joe felt satisfied with his walk outside and traversed across the street to a convenience store, to look “normal”. He hoped the watchers “understood” that he had wanted a simple walk, hence not using his car. He held his shopping bag in his hand as he returned home.

Joe wondered what would happen if he knocked one of the ****** things out of the air.


“Enjoy the show? +4; more later 444 [Ok] [Go to Stats app]”

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