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Jake Palmer Book 1: Summer Camp

By @nickisaboi

Journey to Maine

Jake spent almost the whole weekend packing for Camp Edgar. His sister, Jessica, wasn’t making it easy.

“Watch it, doofus!” she yelled at Jake when he almost stepped on her, but that was because he couldn’t see her due to him having so many suitcases.

“Relax,” replied Jake. “In less then twenty-four hours, I’ll be off to Maine, and you won’t have to see me for almost eight weeks.”

“Thank goodness.”

“Enough!” yelled their mom, Carol. She had enough of that. It was Sunday evening, and his mom was trying to enjoy her last few hours with her son. “Now, enjoy this pizza I got to have our last meal as a family for a while. We’ll miss you, Jake.”

“Well, I’ll miss one of you,” announced Jake, giving a glare to his sister.

“Stop being mean!” Jessica hissed back.

“At least I actually go somewhere in the summer.”

“STOP!” Jake’s mom snapped. “Goodness you two!”

Jessica was going to the middle school next year, and had just finished fifth grade at Poppins Elementary School. She was looking forward to a peaceful summer.

That night, while Jake was laying in his bed, in his air conditioned room for the last time for eight weeks, he thought, a lot. He thought about his mom, and his bratty little sister, and mostly Anna. He was overjoyed to not have to see his sister for eight weeks, but would really miss his mom, Anna, and his dad. Jake really never got to see his dad, since he serves in the Marines.

The next morning, Jake and his mom went to the airport to drop Jake off for the flight to Boston, where Jake would take the bus to Belgrade, Maine and spend his summer.

“Goodbye, mom,” said Jake as a single tear started to form. “See you in eight weeks.”

“Oh, Jake!” his mom replied as she lost it and gave Jake one last hug.

As Jake boarded the plan, he buckled his plane belt, and set off for Maine.

Jake’s summer was just beginning!

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