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Is Underlined Better Than Figment?

By @Chesster

Underlined's Birthday

Today I was exploring Instagram and came across and found out that it was Underlined’s birthday yesterday, which that means it turned one on 6/2/2018. I honestly don’t know how long Team U will take with removing the spam. I wonder how long Underlined will last because TeamU still hasn’t fixed such a basic thing.

They continue to reply with the same freaking answer. “Hello there! We know, spam is the worst, blah, blah, blah, and so on.”

Honestly, if Team U keeps this up I highly doubt they’ll be around for another year. They say they care, yet nothing is being done. Oh, wait I guess they installed some type of thing to deal with the spam but that isn’t working. So, yeah Team U has no excuse.

Soon I might become an apathetic person on this writing website. Heck, now I’m thinking I’ve should’ve jumped ship with the rest of the people from Figment and go over to Imagine Ink.

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