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Is Underlined Better Than Figment?

By @Chesster

Is Underlined Better Than Figment?

Is Underlined better than Figment? The answer to that question is a big fat NO. It is far behind from being better. But the real question we should be asking is this, can Underlined become better than Figment? Yes! It can! In fact, anything new can beat, or this case be better than the older product.

So that brings us to another question. Why isn’t Underlined better than Figment? Well, some of you might’ve heard about, or been there with the whole Halo 5 Guardians crisis. Which damaged the Halo community greatly. 343 Industries released Halo 5 Guardians, to early, they released an unfinished game. So many features were missing, and many features were buggy. The A.I. was stupid, Warzone intro troubles, and so on. Basically, Halo fans, and I’m one of them were hurt. They broke our trust, 343i, we can’t trust them on delivering a good Halo game because of Halo 5. Well, Halo Wars 2 came along and has helped save the franchise from collapsing.

The same thing has happened with Underlined, it was released too early. Follow button not working, there isn’t even a comment section on people’s profile pages! Instead, you have to comment on their book! Like seriously what has happened? Where are the badges saying us Figment users came from Figment? Where is moderation on this site? There are people on here spamming the site with Asian books! New video games, new writing websites, need more time put into creating them, for them to be good. Several months or even one year isn’t enough. I would say two years, or even three years is better.

Can Underlined become better than Figment? It can. Here are some suggestions Team U (Team Underlined).

1.) Add badges.

2.) Make it so we have our own comment sections on our profiles. So we don’t have to use a book.

3.) Remove spam.

These are just a few suggestions. To help this site.

I would’ve kept Figment instead of making a whole new site. You had the perfect site, then you got rid of it, wait what, you got rid of Figment? You had a working functional site but you got rid of it. Yes, you have reasons for getting rid of it because it wasn’t making money for you, the inactivity of moderation (your own moderation), but you could’ve kept a working site, you could’ve tried to spend more time with it and bring it back to its golden age, but you cut it off. In the end, your reasons for getting rid of it turn into excuses, not reasons at all, just a bunch of poor excuses.

And yes, you could look at my argument as a child complaining, but when us Figgy users get angry I know that it sucks to see and hear it, but, but it comes from a place of caring, and so on. When we Figment users become apathetic then that is a problem that needs to be addressed. I would say it is better to evoke any emotion even frustration and anger, but also jubilation and excitement and that those emotions are a good thing because there is a connection with the writer who dislikes what is happening. Which means people are interested because having interested people is better than having apathetic ones. Because, who knows, it could just take a few more bad decisions by you Random House, then maybe Underlined will end. I would’ve kept Figment, not delete it.

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