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is competition really good

By @tanyamottes

is competition really good

Is competition really good?

All of us want to be successful and that’s nothing wrong with it, but some people do not know how to manage their emotions or how to control the competition on a healthy way because competitions has to be healthy, some people take competition really important and they foeger to enjoy all the work that they doing and just focus on winning.

What does competition mean? Let’s place a example, let’s say that there’s a competition in school, and you have to make a project and the best one gets point on their class and they compete with their classmates, while everyone is calm and do not making bas stuff to their classmates so they can lose that’s okay, but if they get to the point to make stuff to make your classmate loss that something that is not right.

There’s different types of competitions, like It can be of various types depending upon your place. It can be conducted in a school in terms of education, sports, cultural activities, etc. In-office for promotion or appraisal. In life to succeed and achieve more. Wherever we go we face competition. It is quite a good way to prove yourself.

Being competitive helps because it lets you achieve much stuff and makes you push harder but not in a way that causes problems for you. That is an unhealthy competition and that’s something that no one should make.

Being on a healthy competition helps to encourage you to get better and also to not let you beat yourself because any time you can lose and just not enjoy what you were supposed to be enjoying because you are so into winning that you make an unhealthy environment for you or your partner. The point of having a healthy competitive way to encourage you is the best that you could make, sometimes we all want to win but not all of us can and it’s not just winning it’s also having fun and being able to enjoy as we all know.

In conclusion, competition is good but just if you are using it in a healthy way and knowing how to use it because competition makes you encourage yourself.

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