By @gummiworms


By @gummiworms

Just a little about me

Chapter 1


Heyo, I’m Olli. I’ve made this to talk a little about myself. One thing I’ve always wanted to do is go Mountain Climbing. It seems interesting. As you saw on my profile, I go by She/Him/They/Xem. I’ve always been a big reader and got more into writing recently. When I found this website, it changed my opinion on writing drastically. I’ve written more these past 3 months than I ever have before. I’ve officially finished writing around 5 books and working on more. I’m a multi tasker. Hey, just realized a better way of doing thing.

Name: Maddi or Olli (Preferably Olli)

Interests: Writing, reading, Bakugo, anime, singing, listening to music.

Dreams: Never really had one but I really hope I get to meet Marissa Meyer one day

What I wanna do: Be a writer, baker, singer, and entrepreneur

I also want to take this time to say I take writing requests. I’ll write short stories from people on any topic. I’ll even make a book out of them. If you want a short story, just ask me below. I have a list for people who want a full out story. You can make those requests too but it might take a while since I’m already doing a few for a couple of close friends of mine. Just give me a description of what you want, characters, the main conflict, and if you want a couple or not. Romance isn’t my strong suit but I’ve been told that I can keep them wanting more (Not trying to flex or anything) BUT WE’RE GETTING OFF TOPIC. I’m a little crazy and shy but once you get to know me, you can’t get rid of me (Like you can’t get rid o your best friend. I should know) Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk and have a wonderful day my frens!

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