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In Progress – I need ideas!

By @watermelon6

I’m pulling another berry off the bush, when I hear a noise behind me. I stuff my spoils in a deerskin satchel that hangs off my shoulder, draw my sword, and turn, all in one fluid motion. When a silvery dragon emerges from behind a tree, instead of running and screaming, like most sane people would do, I just look at her and groan. 

“Tanwen,” I say sternly. The dragon shrinks back slightly. She always knows she’s in trouble when I call her that. “I told you to stay at the tree.” Tan let out a series of quiet roars, clearly grumbling. I sigh and sheath my sword. “Let me pick a couple more, and then we’ll go back.” My dragon still seems grumpy, but she accepts the idea, laying down to wait patiently. True to my word, I pick another handful, stuff them in the pouch, which is already almost filled with berries, nuts, and healing leaves, and run up to Tan. 

“I’m ready now,” I say, patting her scaly neck. She nuzzles me, her way of telling me to climb on. I grin and put my satchel around her neck, then give her my sword to hold in her mouth. Then I jump up, using Tan’s leg as support, and swing onto her back with practiced ease. She twists around to give me my sword, which I return to my back. “Okay. Let’s go.” 

Tanwen flaps her huge wings, lifting us above the trees. And then, she takes off, streaking through the bright sky.

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