Imagine this...

By @fresholddude
Imagine this...

Imagine this is a story told to you about a possible experience you may have. hence the title "Imagine this..." It centers around you waking up one morning, and within 24 hours you have experienced the apocalypse in the form of earthquakes, the Yellowstone super volcano, a tsunami, a pole shift, a Nibiru fly-by, an alien invasion and the rapture.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Imagine this….

One morning, you wake up realizing the shadows in your room are all in the wrong places. You have overslept because, the power is off. You grab your phone to call work and let them know you are on your way. No sevice. You paid the bill, so it must be the carrier. You figure you’ll call the carrier from work along with the electric company to report the outtage. You hear commotion outside. Apparently everyone’s power and carrier are failing but, there is something else. No one’s car will start. 

You heard once that a nuke could cause these things, or an emp attack. You never actually considered this happening, so you don’t have any protected electronics. You remember a prepper friend that probably does though. The problem is he lives on the other side of town, and about 5 miles out in the sticks. Welp, time to air up the tires on the bicycle and pack a lunch and some water into a backpack and head that way. 

Passing through the neighborhood you’ve considered “Home” for over a decade, you recognize the people you are pedaling by with a smile and a wave. What you don’t recognize is the looks on their faces. Gaurded, afraid, confused. Some seem to be in panic mode and don’t know what to do. It is much akin to all the zombie, disaster, alien invasion movies you’ve seen. A tiny pang of cautious awareness starts to expand slowly from somewhere under or behind your stomach. As your “spider senses” trigger you realize you are making very good time with very little effort. You think of the 50 or so youtube videos you meant to watch by clicking “Watch later” that would probably have offered some clues about what may be happening right now. But then you remember the guy at work you often referred to as a “conspiracy theorist” and how paranoid he was all the time about X planets, aliens, judgement day, and the ilk. “Don’t let it go to your head” you think, and keep pedaling down the empty streets. 

Coming up to the part of town where you have the court house and other city admin buildings, a city park and rec area, and an elementary school around the corner, you guess you are about halfway across town. You see gathered between the public library and the post office about 40 or 50 people. A man is holding up one of those boom boxes from the eighties so the crowd can hear the broadcast coming from it. You roll to a stop near enough to hear the report. The broadcast says that a huge object has snuck up on our planet earth. Becoming visible only for a few moments during the recent lunar eclipse and then again becoming obscured because of its position in relation the the sun. It is now passing close by on the opposite side of the earth and has dragged with it, in its comet like tail, a river of coronal mass from the sun mixed with its own pottporri of molten iron dust and bits and toxic stew spewing behind it 100,000 miles in its wake. It is likely that the magnetosphere will be destroyed for an unknown period of time. It is advised to be at least 1/4 of a mile below earths surface for as long as possible. Biblical devastation has already fallen on much of the earth and as the passover continues, the populations yet unaffected should seek shelter. He then goes on to announce reports of calamities in cities far and wide. “A coastal mudslide in west Africa approximately 1200 miles long has triggered a massive tsunami careening towards the east coasts of the Americas at hundreds of miles per hour. Tidal waves of at least 300 feet are expected to hit in 8 to 10 hours.” then, “All contact with the European Union has been lost.” and, “Please stay tuned to—-scrrrrch”. The voice on the radio changes. It becomes one of those “this is a test” voices, and it says,”BLEERRKKCJZZZCH BLEERRKKCJZZZCH BLEERRKKCJZZZCH This is not a test. BLEERRKKCJZZZCH BLEERRKKCJZZZCH BLEERRKKCJZZZCHANK The emergency action system has been activated. An immediate evacuation order has been advised for the area surrounding Yellowstone National Park extending outwards in all directions for 800 miles. People without shelter as close as 200 miles from the caldera will face imminent death. If you cannot breach the safe zone at least 800 miles from Yellowstone you must seek shelter now. Lava flows, falling rocks, and earthquakes will affect areas up to300 miles away. Poison gases and volcanic ash will affect areas all the way to the Missippi River and all the way to the east coast directly west of the volcano. This is not a test.”. The broadcaster then comes back on, and as if speaking to those in the room with him says, ” Whoa! did you guys feel that?” The signal becomes sketchy and broken for a moment, then the reporter starts speaking very frantic and obviously very frightened. He says, “Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting from San Fransisco CA. to your local stations. The events today seem to have triggered the San Andreas fault and we are,ssshhhhhhcrtchssshhhhh, ev—acuating th—–,ssshhhssshhhhh,GET UNDER THE TABL———-OH MY G——–……”. The reception seizes and is replaced by nothing but static noise. 

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