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I Support

By @MeaningfulMee

I Support

Love is Love!

Only if it is done this way,

they say.

Man and woman.

Woman and man.

That’s god’s plan.

Don’t worry though.

You having unholy feelings?

The church has a man.

Conversion therapy.

Cos the biggest problem facing our generation,

the biggest problem is love?

Come again?

Now I’ve heard it all!

Our world is divided.

Have you seen the news?

Forget corona,

there’s a deadly epidemic!

One that has lasted generations.

We exude hate.

Listen to me now.

If I only get one message across,

in my whole life.

Let it be this.

A book is not worth a life.

And I know it is hard,

when they are coming at you with pitch forks.

But darling,

don’t let them put cracks in your mirror.

Don’t question your worth!

People ask me why I’m an ally?

But what’s not to support?

What’s wrong with love?

I can’t find a problem.

When it comes to love,

you best believe,

that **** right I support it!

I support you x

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