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By @rahma4e_bgafopwm

Where it all began


“Like Lightning he struck my heart, his big sexy eyes, his charismatic personality, his innocent boxy smile that makes him look like a 3 years old, everything about him was so great, at first I thought I saw an angel, these things made me fall for him in a short time. But reality is that we can never be together cause he is a star and I am just a 18 years old girl with nothing to brag about”

It all began on December 2016


Charismatic was normal teenage girl like any other girl, she was soon turning 18. But she never had any close friends so she was always alone and liked spending most of her time in her room and playing with her phone, she lived with her sister who was always busy so they never spent a lot of time together as normal sisters do.


“Uh its almost 12:00 Am and am going to turn 18 but I have no one to share this good news with, oh how I wish I got the best birthday gift for my birthday”

Like always the lazy me was lying in my bed playing with my phone, going around social medias hoping to receive atleast one birthday wish.

So I just decided to play some music videos on youtube and while scrolling down I saw a music video written “[MV] BTS(방탄소년단) _ Boy In Luv(상남자)” and since I was curious I played the music video and I was like “OMG How can they be so good at rap, dance and singing at the same time”.

That’s when someone caught my eye, he was so handsome, had a deep yet cute voice, I couldn’t stop staring at him and my heartbeat continued to beat faster than normal and without realizing I closed my eyes and wished, “I wish i meet him for my 18th birthday gift” suddenly my phone alarm rang and it was 12:00 AM, my birthday.

“Well atleast I wished myself happy birthday” I said that and went to sleep not knowing what was going to happen next


Charismatic was very sad cause as always she was going to celebrate her birthday all alone.

The next morning she woke up feeling so lonely so she decided to go out for a walk in the park, The park was the only place that made her feel better and free.


While I was walking in the park I heard someone call my name, the voice was kind of familiar, so I turned around to see who it was and it was my old school friend, Clara.

“oh! Clara what are you doing here I thought you were in Europe” I asked

“I came back yesterday and hey is that how you greet a friend, first give me a hug” She said

“Oh sorry about that, now let me give you a long tight hug” I said

“And before I forget Happy Birthday, and as for your gift here” She said

“Concert tickets, you know I don’t like being around a lot of people right”

“Are you kidding me, these are not normal concert tickets they are BTS’s VIP concert tickets and any girl would want to go. And anyway who knows these might be a chance to change your life” She said with a smirk on her face

“Okay, I will go because I don’t have anything to do today”


Charismatic agreed to go to the concert with Clara, She was happy cause atleast she had someone to spend her birthday with.

The concert was going to start at 07:00 pm, so they met at Charismatic’s house and went together, when they arrived they were a lot of people screaming “BTS! BTS! BTS!”.

Soon the stage lights went off , then seven handsome guys appeared fans were screaming the members names “Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Jung Hoseok, Min Yoongi, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook, BTS”


I was so shocked when the lights went off but then people started screaming and clara was screaming as well, when I looked on stage I saw seven guys standing I couldn’t see their faces because the stage lights were off.

“They seemed to have a lot of fans” I thought to myself.

The fans were screaming names, so I thought those were their names but I didn’t know whose name belongs to who. Soon they started perfoming when I heard the music It seemed familiar.

That’s when I remembered that they are the same guys who I saw on youtube,

In my thoughts:

“If they are the same people then the orange haired guy must also be one of them, ahhhhhhhhh”

That’s when I started to look for that guy on stage, and that’s when I saw him he was standing right infront of me, he looked so cute and sexy and without realizing I found myself staring at him.

He also stared at me, then he winked at me and smiled then continued dancing my heart stopped for a moment and I felt like I was in heaven for a moment.


I was busy dancing until I suddenly realized that charismatic was staring at someone, when I looked I saw she was staring at one of the members called V. I didn’t want to disturb her so I continued dancing and I thought to myself “I told you Charismatic this concert will change your life forever”. I smiled and continued dancing


Throughout the whole concert Charismatic was only staring at one member, She was lost in her own world and she was very happy.

At 10:30 the concert ended and the members said goodbye to their fans and left the stage, soon the fans did the same.

In the Taxi Charismatic was so happy and she thanked Clara for letting her experience that kind of happiness for the first time in her life.

Clara replied in a strange way and said “ This is only the start there are a lot more of good things to come”. Charismatic didn’t hear her since she was busy humming to the songs she heard.

At 11:00 Charismatic arrived home and she bid goodbye to Clara, when she was leaving Clara called her and said “Happy Birthday Friend, I hope your wish will come true”, then the taxi left.

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