I am yours

By @ComicVader
I am yours

A BTS inspired fanfiction about Jimin and J-Hope. #Ji-Hope #Hopemin #BTS

Inspired by: Bts

Chapter 5


This was the day I would see him again. I had been in the army for a year now and he was getting in today. His hair was black like mine, and he looked as handsome as ever we hugged when we saw each other again, trying to not let our emotions get the best of us because there were alot of people there.

Jin and Namjoon were there too to greet there bandmate. It was nice to watch his face as he saw them again. His smile was so big.

I then said what I needed to say before we would leave each other again. I took him in my arms again and whispered in his ear “Park Jimin, I love you”

He then whispered back “I love you too.”

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