How to let go.

By @Al1996

How to let go.

By @Al1996

This ties in with the end of Season twelve of Supernatural.

Inspired by: Supernatural

Chapter 1

The death of angel.

“Did I do good?” Casteil asked as he looked in the soft green eyes of the man who had been to **** and back. He could see the pain, sadness, and range of other emotions that he couldn’t understand fill the man’s eyes. Cass could feel himself becoming colder and colder even though he was putting pressure on his wound. His vision became blurry and he asked again “Did I-I d-do g-good?” he attempted to reach up and touch Dean’s cheek he smiled softly and said “I love you”. He went still and his soul floated up in a ball of white light into the nights sky. Dean began to cry and held the angel tightly “Gad **** it Cass” his tears ran down his face like warm rain drops. He could feel Sam pull him away and to the car. Dean kept sobbing and yelling “COME ON!!!!!”

Three month latter.

Dean stayed in his room and only came out if he need food or to go to the bathroom. He didn’t talk to anyone. Not even Sam. He felt like something was missing and that nothing felt right.

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