How to break a heartbreaker

By @JazzyJ10
How to break a heartbreaker

How do you break a heartbreaker . . . especially if they're your best friend? Simple! You recruit their sister and your friends to help you out, steal the code and attempt to make them break every single one of the rules. After all, hearts weren't made to be broken . . . but the rules were.

Chapter 1


Once upon a time . . .

Are you serious? Everybody has heard that one before.

Well, why don’t you tell the story then?

Okay, okay, continue.

Once upon a time . . .

I’m sorry, Jess, I know how much you love your fairytales, but I just can’t take you seriously right now.

Sigh. Okay, okay, shoot. Not literally though, I mean you’re terrible at free kicks.

I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear that and let the narrator begin the story.

Thank you, Kevin.


We all fall in love with someone we can’t have. A character, a celebrity, a best friend. Whomever it may be, we have all experienced the crushing pain of an unrequited love. So, we build up walls and shield our hearts, taking matters into our own hands to make sure we never feel that pain again.


But love isn’t like that, is it? Our brains write the rules and our hearts break them.

Hearts are rather stubborn things, aren’t they?

Right you are, but imagine how dull life would be without them.

Technically, there would be no life without hearts, because they’re what keep us alive.

Exactly! Perfectly explained, Jess!

That’s not what I-

So, let’s start at the beginning, shall we? 

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