By @Crowley101

Lin Johnson your average college art student goes out to buy things, but to her surprise get's caught up in what it seems to her a.....MAGICAL GIRL!!!. Not knowing why or how this happened she's not alone besides her is her trusty sidekick Asumi Kawahara and with a little help with some other magical girl on her side, How does Lin and her crew stop the destruction going on in Yokohama ,with a little help called love.

Chapter 1


The sky was an alluring blue just looking at it made me feel nostalgic,the street looking so lively.

I couldn’t help but grab my cell phone out

of my pocket and take a picture of this admirable scenery, then so I checked my phone, “quarter past twelve,already? I hardly think any supermarket would be open at this time of night”

I said to myself while walking to the closest one to me,which was “Akifumi konbini store”

I walked over to a selection of carts picking the first one in front me.Finally going in the store a small petite lady greeting me on the way in.The store was like any other one you’d see around here in Yokohama the shelfs were stocked with

endless supplies of different varieties of ramen noodles and sake.

I grabbed a pack of noodles and sake and then got what I needed in first place which was a new camera and film with it finally getting the rest of the items then purchasing them.I walked out with the bags in my hand finding a small black & white lace sun-umbrella on the ground I picked it up taking it to my apartment with me.

I reached my apartment, taking the keys out of my pocket, I unlocked the door. I put the groceries on the countertop and then i began to prepare dinner for myself and Nonii, my cat. I put out her bowl and filled it with tuna halfway up making sure she didn’t get a lot. I began to heat up the noodles, adding a variety of seasonings into them. After finishing the noodles, I grabbed Nonii and walked upstairs to my chamber, plopping Nonii on my bed while i get on my phone, slowly drifting into another deep dream.

I woke up due to Nonii meowing for my attention, I petted her till she was finally satisfied. I put out some food for her knowing she hasn’t finished her food since last night.I changed my clothes putting on a black jumper with a few purple lacing on it, i grabbed my purple choker out of my drawer and attached it onto my neck, matching my outfit with a pair of high cut purple sandals, as you could tell i adored the color purple

I ran downstairs grabbing a coupon that was close

to expiring, then grabbing the black sun-umbrella i found left on the sidewalk. I then walked out, locking the door behind me,I start walking to a nearby store until I felt a rumbling on the ground. I ignored the sound while still walking to the store but then it happened again.

Out of curiosity I checked my phone to see if there were any emergency notification for today.

Then i heard something strange? Like really strange, someone or something was talking to me.

I looked around my surroundings to see if someone or something was toying with me, to my surprise it was no one so i just continued skipping on the left side of the sidewalk that’s when it happened something popped out of the the ground!!

It was a monster of some sort, it was like a spider but more than ten legs, and approximately 20 times taller than an ordinary spider you would see on the concrete. The best way to describe it would be that it was a pale blue all the way to its knees,then it became a midnight blue making somewhat of the monster pretty dang alluring to gaze up at,anyway the eyes were jelly filled red mixed with blood shed pink with a hint of a sunset yellow.

After gazing at it for a long time it started running after me, I felt my body freeze like something was possessing me not run away, my body started to shake in terror

I couldn’t move one single inch at all.I looked into the monster bloody eyes as i suddenly started putting me into some strange trance,I couldn’t snap out i was hypnotized.

Then it happened someone spoke to me and I suddenly was somewhere new like a void for me and this mysteries person only?,not knowing who I tried looking around then

It spoke again and said “look down” I did what it said and looked down there was nothing there except my umbrella in my left hand? “Who’s there?” i said with pure curiosity in my voice.

It then responded with “Me”

“Me….who?” I said hesitating for a minute

“Me your umbrella who else would be talking to you”

This couldn’t be real my umbrella can’t talk that’s impossible?

“This can’t be real this has to be some kind of weird dream”

“Sorry sweetheart it’s not.Though I wish it was to to be fair”

“Wait why are you here anyway ummm?….”

“My name is Asumi Kawahara and you?”

“Lin Jackson”

“Anyway you didn’t answer my question why are you here,and why is this all happening?”

“I don’t know why either ok kid, i’m as clueless as you ok,all i know is that you picked me of the street, and that i’m your somewhat weapon to destroy this monster”

“What do you mean. Fighting off this monster?”

“Yeah what else?”

” No god no it’s going to kill me if I fight it off!”

“It won’t kill you if you fight it off with me”


“Just say. Asumi i summon you. And well i’ll turn into a metal bat”


“Yeah just say those few words and i’m at your service”

“Ok well Asumi i summon you!”

And just like that he turned into a black metal bat with purple spikes on it, and somehow my outfit changed too? I was now wearing a black open shoulder crop top with some black shorts that started at my high waist, ending to my mid thigh, i wouldn’t exactly call the dress style Gothic but it was close enough.Matching with a pair of grey and white stockings, with a signature black converse with purple shoe laces going to my calf’s .There was an additional jewelry on me like black earrings with a black choker and apparently a black long jacket with an additional purple buttons going down it’s side with what it seems a cape attached to it?

But the most bizarre thing was that my natural kinky short black hair was now a kinda wavy but not to wavy but it was really dark shade of purple infused with black going all the way to my back with a few braids on the left side of my head

The only thing that didn’t change was my lipstick 

After that I was in complete state of shock.

“OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!” I said quite frantically losing all sense of my myself


Asumi said quite hesitated at the this situation


“Ohhh that well you know…it changed you changed into a magical girl?”

Asumi said with no emotion to it at all

“Magical what now?”

“Magical girl….You know a certain person who fights monsters and what not?”

“Wait aren’t those only in anime and manga only?”

“Yes but not anymore sunshine . Anyway stop asking question so much we have a monster to dispose off”

“Oh Sorry, anyway how do we destroy it”

“Just cast spell and beat the **** out of the monster”

“Oh…Ok well let’s try this bad boy out”

I did what Asumi said and said?

“With the power of um…love i guess i destroy thy slothful heart”

After that i basically beat the living hell out of it shattering the monster evil heart to a loving one

“Wow it actually worked?’I said in disbelief

Then suddenly Asumi turned back into my umbrella

“Can you only turn into an umbrella and a bat too?”

“No I can also turn into my originally form too”

“And what’s that?”

“A human with a cat tail and ears”

“So basically a neko” (means a person with feline features usually used in manga or anime)


“Anyway how do you feel now Lin?”

“Somehow exhausted from using that spell.Does that usually happen?”

“To beginners most of the time but you’ll get better at this”

“Besides is there more magical girls or boys like me?”

“Yeah tons out there”

“Really.Do i get to meet them soon?”

“Eventually in dues time i suspect? Anyway it’s getting late we need to get home before sundown”


And just like that we walked back home. I changed back to normal and Asumi turned back to his too.

His hair was lavender and his catlike eyes were yellow which matched his pale olive colored skin he wore a burgundy pant and a jet black turtleneck with long scarlet trench coat, his height was almost 6,1 only four inches taller than me.

A few hours later we ate dinner and played a couple of video games and eventually went to bed afterwards. I still couldn’t believe this was happening to me, I said to myself while slowly drifting to sleep.

After a few hours of sleep my phone started beeping waking me up from my slumber

I picked up my phone seeing that one of my colleges at college was calling me

“What do you want Emiko?”

“Is that how you talk to your elders!”

“Your only older than me by a two weeks Emiko”

“Still counts”

“Whatever. Anyway, why are you calling me in the middle of the night?”

“You really forgot?”

“Forgot what?”


“Oh that. God i’m so sorry!!”


“I am” i said a little irritated 

“Anyway that’s all i wanted to tell you.Besides are you alright i heard about the incident near your apartment?.Did you see the girl who saved everyone when you were walking?”

I realized she was talking about me,so I had to keep my chill to make sure she didn’t know my identity

So i just said

“Oh yeah… I saw her”

I said with an awkward chuckle

“What she look like?”

“Oh i don’t know”

Before I could finish my sentence she interrupted me saying


“Fine fine i’ll tell you ok so all i saw was that she was wearing a black cropped top with some high waisted shorts with a long black jacket and white and grey stocking,and i think some black boots to.Sorry i couldn’t really see a clear view of her?”

“It’s alright you probably stressed from everything that has happened today so i’ll call tomorrow cay byyyyy!”

After that she hanged up

“How do i tell her that i’m a magical girl?”

I realized i had to tell her soon someday. You see me and Emiko have been friends for ages,she’s the reason i got accepted to photography college!

I stopped thinking about it and finally went to bed.

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