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House of Blood

By @Akira Eliza

the Life of a Deadbeat

I’m a lone shark. always have been. always will be. tell me this: they say family is all you need, so why is it that they can never stop you from choking or drowning? i don’t need family. i don’t have friends. all i have are people i use. i steal cash and stuff just to live. i don’t need anyone. i learned on my own ****** self how to do it. that’s that. one of the people i use, Kian, came to me. the stupid feline doesn’t even know I’m using him for his kindness.

” i got the money you asked for.” he said boredly, though i saw the guilt behind his eyes. i know that look. he killed someone to get it. the guy should man up. i snatched the ten silver coins from him. he scowled, but said nothing. i was feeling a little generous today, so i tossed him four coins. he clasped them in his hands.

” thank you” he mumbled. our original agreement was that he gets half of the profit, but for some reason he let me ignore the fact. sometimes i might pay him a coin or two, but never half. this time, it was one of my rare days where i felt generous enough to give him plenty. and this is SILVER coins were talking about. eh. i was still feeling generous. me and him climbed up the rooftop of some persons house. yeah, were minor criminals. what are you going to do about it? you got a problem with it, buddy? you wanna fight? i heard Kian call my name. he tossed me a coke. useful puss. i opened the can and took a long swig.

” how many throats did you need to slit today?” i asked roughly. Kian jumped, then tensed. he stared at the wall that suddenly became more interesting than me as he squirmed.

” two” he murmured softy. i growled.

” speak up, man!” i barked.

” two!” he said louder. i knew **** well that’s what he said the first time, but i felt mean now. did i ever tell you i was bipolar? i don’t like to talk about it. it drives me nuts when people i know mention it. anyways, it makes my emotions go bonkers. one minute I’m happy as a clam, the next im ready to kill you and burn your face off. i laughed and patted Kian’s back roughly.

” eh, dont sound so ashamed about it! it’ll be a hard life for you if you think that you can get through body free!” speaking of which, if Kian sold that skinny yet in-shape body like his, along with the kinky ears and tail, it would fetch him a pretty penny…. not like he’d have the guts to do that. hes too much of a wimp. he’d either get scared and back out or become a mess and not know what the hell he’ds doing. it wasn’t worth a shot. i took another long swig of coke. me and Kian started to talk about useless things, like about how poverty sucked and how we needed to find a way of getting an apartment of our own. we dint have one, but we really needed to find one. i suppose he was getting tired of having to take off his clothes and drying them by someones outdoor chimney every time it rains. i had to admit, man, i was getting pretty tired of that too. it was such a pain. and what were we going to do once it got freezing cold and the snow started coming? then we would really be screwed. soon, we went to sleep on that very house top, just the two of us.

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