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House of Blood

By @Akira Eliza

the Life of a Vampire

i shuttered as i slinked into the allyway. i made sure to keep well hidden under my cloak. one look at my pale skin is a dead giveaway to my race. my pasty skin would become unbearable to the sunlight, and i already know i wouldn’t be able to hide my discomfort. i already know what they would do if they saw my fangs. they’d either kill me, quick and painless, or they would make sure things were much more painful for me. they would take me to dungeons where i would be treated poorly or have guys try to hit on me, then they would saw my fangs off and expose me to sunlight if i squirmed. they would press silver to my skin if i protested or let out even a whimper of pain. if they really wanted to be cruel they would rub holy salt into my hair, tie me up, and then sprinkle it all over my body, where it would blister and burn my skin even more than sunlight. and then, only then, if they found it in their hearts, would they either release me or kill me. either way, it would be complete utter hell. i made sure that my face mask was pulled up and that the hood was pulled over my eyes. i could still see other people well, but people couldn’t see any details about my appearance. that’s why i liked this robe. and i would like to keep it that way. i pulled out my long gloves and put them on. they were so long they reached to my shoulders. they protected me from the light and they revealed no skin. i put on my boots, which went past my knees and to my mid thighs. i liked these boots as well. they were long but comfortable. all in all, i could take my arms and legs out of my coat without revealing my true identity and without being exposed to sunlight. i merged into the main street. i needed to get some groceries, and i needed to do it quickly. i went over to the butchers shop. i pulled out my money wallet and sighed. i had a little less than i expected.

” ill take two rabbits. deskined. uncut.” the man nodded. i was a regular there, but the man never knew my identity.

” you know the cost” he said. of coarse i did. i knew most of these stores and their costs. i chucked two copper coins his way. i didn’t do in in an angry way, just in a whole business-like way. the man wrapped the rabbits in paper like cloth, then handed it to me in a bag. he also gave me two skewer sticks, as upon my request. i usually end up building a fire and cooking my food that way just to avoid the gas bill. that, of coarse, didn’t make much of a difference, but still. it saved me a copper coin or two. not only that, but food tastes better that way. i tucked the bag in my coat. i gave a curt nod and went my way. next, i went to the bakery.

” two loafs of white bread, please. i also want a cup of rice.” i was also a regular here.

” that will be two copper coins” the man said. i paid up. only six coins and a silver coin left. i went to the dairy shop left. i would spend my silver coin here. i got two wedges of cheese and three bottles of milk. i even got two copper coins in return. i walked back to my home. it was a shabby little shack, hardly even called an apartment. it only had two rooms. one was a small bedroom, barely even enough to fit my bed, and another had a small kitchenette. i went into my my house with the smallest refrigerator ever. instead of stuffing everything inside the refrigerator, like i normally do, i was too tired to put it away. i ended up tossing it on the other side of my bed and layed down, my face in my scratchy pillow. i did odd jobs to keep my place and earn my food, even sometimes acting…. a bit unholy, if you know what i mean. that of coarse, was my last resort, but it did earn me a hefty amount of money. im a **** and im good at it. i guess being a girl isn’t so bad after all. i also killed people for the right price. say, ten silver coins? if their stronger than the average hybrid, fifteen? anything to earn my keep, you know? i hope that one day i can have sex with someone and enjoy it. i flopped down on my bed and went to sleep. 

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