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House of Blood

By @Akira Eliza

Characters, Races, and Introductions

first, why don’t we begin with the characters of this book? the original group is the group you will be following and the group that you will stick with throughout the story. the new arrivals are the ones who come after the book progresses. i know the book starts off a little slow, but please have some patience!

The original group:

Christopher: a neko-human hybrid. he has short blond hair with blond ears and a light brown tail that goes up to his shoulder blades. he has startling clear light brown eyes and light tan-pink skin. wears either a plain white shirt with grey shorts or silver armor with thin black pants and no helmet. he has a sword in a red hilt that he gained through his high status. he just so happens to be the highest-ranking knight in the kingdom. strange enough, he favors Akira even though hes supposed to kill her at the same time. he meows and throws a fit in embarrassment if you pull his ears or tail. he can be whiny and cute in front of friends, as long a sweet and energetic. he gets embarrassed easily, especially when it comes to lust or things that associate with the emotion. he doesn’t seem to get along with David and has a friendly rivalry with Kian. he doesn’t particularity dislike him, bur hopefully they can become friends sooner or later.

David: an inu-human hybrid. has long, thin, grey hair that reaches his shoulders with cloudy, uninterested grey eyes, complete with a long wolf like bushy tail and ears, with a bored expression plastered to his face. he is the party crasher and dead beat of the group. hes bipolar. it seems as though he has taken a rather perverted interest in both Mizu and Akira.

Akira: a vampire. she has black hair that reaches to the bottom of her back and pasty white skin. she has warm brown eyes and full, dark red lips. she doesn’t even need lipstick with how red her lips already are. a vampire is usually a trouble maker, and is usually referred to the black sheep of the hybrid kingdom. they are shifty and untrustworthy. most knights slaughter them on sight, even when they’re doing nothing wrong. a vampires personality changes depending on who their with. if they are with someone they like, their “ positive” side will show, the humane side of them that is considered the “ normal side of them”. but when their with someone they don’t like, their intentions may become murderous, or the “ negative” side. when around people she doesn’t know, she acts extremely formal and dark. the more she gets to know you, the more her “true” personality shows, mischievous and teasing. as luck so happens she favors the top-knight in the kingdom, Christopher.

Jake: a little imp whose human with a hint of changeling in his bloodline. thanks to the changeling blood in him, he likes to cause trouble and plays tricks. the more his pranks are the more he likes you usually. if his pranks are clearly harmful, though, it means hes coming at you with a vengeance and doesn’t like you. he has short brown hair. he is a little on the shorter side and has a pirate like outfit with brown boots, a white long sleeved shirt, and thick brown pants with a belt. i bet your wondering where the bird is. also has a way with knots and sails. when he sees something scary, he tries to crack a funny joke about it or give is a funny nick name. if this doesn’t work, he breaks down in tears and has a mental breakdown. hes Lila’s childhood friend and her best and closest friend. he carries a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to survival and pranks that might come in handy later… one of the ” three musketeers”

Alicia: shes a human. hates it when people get her name wrong. its pronounced uh-lish-ee- uh, not uh-leesh-uh. shes pretty dumb and has no sense of common sense. wears a pink shirt and a pink long sleeved button up shirt. she has thick pink hair that goes past her ****. she also has light pink eyes and a big smile on her face most of the time. shes referred to as “sweet” commonly. one of the ” three musketeers”

Lila: is a human. has a crush on Jake. their childhood friends. wears a plain short dress and nothing else but undergarments. has a thing for herbs and potions. has clear black eyes and black hair that goes down her back. pretty hot tempered and sweet. kind of cute. her knowledge for plants, herbs, food, drinks, and the like that’s quite notable. one of the ” three musketeers”

Kian: a neko-human hybrid. has a very calm personality. he shows so little emotion that some people say he has none. if anything, the only emotion he shows is meekness, which especially shows with David. has currently displayed multiple acts of kindness towards people, about the only emotion hes really showed. he has white hair, ears, and tail. has pale, but not too pale, skin. his eyes are black and clear. for some reason, he has been shown to be extremely weak and a complete coward around David. he has taken an interest in Akira.

new arrivals:

Shiina: has thick, short grey hair. is a human. he has dark grey eyes and a feminine face. Jake teases him and calls him ” pretty boy”. hes quiet and meek, on a much larger scale than Kian. some might call him a coward, but when it comes to his friends being in danger, he really takes the cake for stepping up. he can think clearly and has average knowledge of things. likes music boxes. this could be a problem…

Shion: Kian’s extroverted brother. unlike Kian, Shion is not quiet, intelligent and meek, but is loud and out going. it shows that Kian is slightly afraid of Shion by this fact. Shion is a neko human hybrid who has bright blue eyes and white ears, hair, and tail. his nick name is ” shine on”

Leah: a Japanese picture of a yandere. shes sweet until a girl approaches Shion. Shion has taken an interest in Akira, so there are bound to be some sparks flying around…. she is a mermaid, who, like all mermaids, have the ability to switch to legs at anytime and take a hike. she has white skin and black hair that fades into light purple and blue tips. her eyes are dark purple. she usually has a smile on her face, although shes the type of person who will smile at Shion’s friends while writing ” die” in the dirt with her foot.

Akemi: likes to think high of herself. shes a sadist, meaning she likes watching people suffer. she is stunningly beautiful with pale skin, curvy body, long black hair, and dark blue eyes. shes a fairy with big, dark blue wings. no, for your information she doesn’t have a wand and a unicorn. but she does have ghost peppers and mustard to stuff up your nose and a pair of scissors she likes to play with. has a thing for thumbtacks and carries a pack of them in her hand bag.

Shinto: a skinny teenage human with orange hair and a hot temper. the girls call him ” cute” when he blows his top off. maybe he is ( shrug). he has some muscle but is stronger than he looks. had an abusive childhood.

Naomi: a quiet and reserved girl. short black hair and green eyes. she has a skinny body. well, the upper half. shes a centaur. the lower half of her looks more like a fauns lower body rather than a horses. its skinny and has a soft brown color with white spots and a short tail. shes very agile despite her appearance.

Charlotte: a lot like Shinto, just a girl form. she is extremely tiny with a massive amount of blond hair that reaches to her feet. she looks just like a doll. too perfect. but don’t take notice of her size. this chick is a black belt in both kendo and martial arts! she’ll annihilate you! has taken a rather strong interest ( with a dash of awkward, confusing and mixed feelings into the recipe) in Kian.

other characters:

Mizu: shes a slime. light blue colored skin, dark blue hair, light blue eyes, and red lips. shes very sweet and mysterious. wears a white pleaded skirt, white t shirt with black flowers, diamond ring, and white buckle shoes. David says shes cute and has taken an interest in her, it seems. she has shown no proof of feeling the same way.


clock-man: bad guy. has unruly brown hair, brown eyes, and clock hands for a mustache. one big side, one small. referred to as ” clock-a-tic ( instead of lunatic) ” by Jake.

ice queen: a bad tempered thing. tall, thin body, quick to snap, uneven long ice blue hair. referred to as ” crazy ice lady” by Jake.

faceless man: bad guy. looks like a gentleman and wears clothes as such. wears a high hat to cover all his hair and is tall. one problem: he has no face. its just a greyish-purple blur. weird, right? maybe someone stole it…. referred to as ” slenderman” or “ slendy” for short by Jake.

little boy: bad guy. steals the face of others. he absolutely loved to paint, and its said that he locks you in a room and paints your face. if you can stop him, blur or break the painting, break the paintbrush, or take even a step out of the room before he finishes, then you wont lose your face. its said that his face got burned off when he tried to make dinner for his sick mother centuries ago. say, it reminds me about what happened to the faceless man…. referred to as ” fire lighter” by Jake

fairy queen: one of the rarer species in the hybrid kingdom is the fairy race. changelings, fairy’s, sprites and such. all of them are mischievous to ones outside of their own kind. but to find a fairy queen is a once in a life opportunity. she is the main antagonist. referred to as ” spiteful spriteful” by Jake

the ranks:

lower rank: common

intermediate rank: uncommon

higher rank: rare

deity rank: mythical but still existing.

the races:

neko-human hybrid: lower

a human typically with cat ears, tail, and fingernails that get rather pointy when angered. they can move the ears and tail at will. they can act very cat like.

wolf-human hybrid: intermediate

like the neko-human hybrid, but a dog version. they don’t have a ” true” personality. their personality changes depending on who their with.

centaur: deity

their top half is human while their bottom half is either a horse or deer.

slime: deity

a blue, jelly like slightly see through person. can change forms at will if skillful enough.

fairy ( sprite, changeling, fairy,): higher

a human with wings. can do sorcery and black magic if skilled enough.

vampire: intermediate

a human who eats blood and has fangs. in the capital of my book, vampires are not welcome and are either killed or tortured on sight.

ghost: deity

a transparent person who is referred to as spooky or evil. can be very temperamental.

human: intermediate

we all know what a human is, right?

mermaid: higher

a person who has a top half of a human and the bottom half of a fish. is usually referred to as ” beautiful”. they have beautiful voices.

Dryad: deity

a humanoid who is strongly close to plants. you may see them wearing vines and leaves as part of their clothes. holds vast knowledge of the forest. when angered, they become very powerful and dangerous. they are usually depicted as kind creatures who hate deserts.

kelpie ( is an animal. not of intelligence. usually used as horses for mermaids): intermediate

an Irish horse made of water. they live deep in the sea and do not need air to survive. if they can tell your a bad person, then they will drag you down to the depths of the sea for you to drown and then eat you. in my story, they are tamed by mermaids and used as horses to pull the carriage.

harpie-human: higher

a human who may either have human feet or human thy’s that end in bird feet. they have wings on their fore arms and upper arms with human hands. they are kind of dumb. but hey, they can fly. how’s the weather up there?

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