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Home of the Birds

By @SparklingDragons42

The Chatroom For Birdies

Welcome all Storybirds with Underlined accounts!

It’s SparklingDragons here with one of those chat-comment Apt ripoffs.



So basically go potato all you want in the comments section SBders! Just follow these introductions:

~Don’t spam or be rude. If you’re a long-timer you should know this.

~No gossip. Do that some other place. Not here.

~ If you have a different username here tell us your Storybird name so we know who you are. (My Storybird name is SparklingDragons. If you have just little changes like adding 42 you probably don’t need to say.)

~ Have fun! ????

Now I have a few other chapters to this- challenges, writing prompts, etc. Check it out if you want.

And some of the best comments will be mentioned in the sequel “Champions” in a few months!

Farewells from your friend,


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