Hiding from the dark

By @purplefunnyamy
Hiding from the dark

Alex had only been back in Darkwood for a year until she was roped into the Silver Demons drama. Who are the Silver Demons? Just the people you want to avoid. But Alex is finding it harder and harder to do that. Her past keeps threatening to return.

Chapter 9

Chapter nine - Walking home

After agreeing to meeting up with Daniel I regretted it. At the time I had completely forgotten it was the weekend. That was meant to be two pure days of no silver darks. Now I would probably have to spend the day with him and the others.

“Hello.” Kelly waved at me from the school gates as I exited the university doors. I waved back as I hopped down the stairs which lead up to the university entrance. Turning my head to the side I could see Kyle and Jacob leaning against the wall. They both had a cigar in their hand, puffing smoke out. Kyle noticed me as he actually put up a hand towards me in a sort of greeting. I was taken aback by his action. When I first met Kyle he didn’t seem too taken with me. Not that I’m trying to make these boys like me or anything. I put up a hand in response, smiling as I did so. Kyle turned back to talk to the ever quiet Jacob as he didn’t take any notice of me. So I guess things where normal with him.

“What was that?” Kelly smiled curiously as I linked my arm with hers. I just smiled at her, letting her mind wonder. Was I actually starting to enjoy the attention from these boys? I think I was. It was just getting harder and harder to avoid them.

“It was just like a hello I guess.” I dismissed like it was nothing. It was nothing though. I’m lying. Kyle never really pays much attention to other people. Not enough to stop a conversation to wave at someone. So much for not getting any attention from these boys. They pay more attention to me than the most attractive girls in the university which I still don’t get. They used to swarm around the girls and flirt with them in the afternoon. Keep in mind, only in the afternoon. They were annoying like that.

“Just a hello?” Kelly squealed. Though Kelly had a mad crush on Adam, she couldn’t help but feel attracted to the boys. Attracted for the sense of “their looks and bad boy aroma”. I think that basically means she’s attracted to the idea of them. Which most girls in the university would admit to. This university was more like a second high school. Still with all the gossip and bad boys. Only worse.

“Who’s your favourite?” She asked excitedly, half skipping next to me as we walked down the road. Should I even pick?

“Who’s yours?” I asked, trying to avoid the question being pushed to me.

“Kyle.” She said dreamily as she held her hands to her chest, looking up into the sky and continuously blinking. That’s why she made such a big deal when Kyle noticed me. I rolled my eyes at her.

“What happened to you liking Adam?” I nudged her. Kelly’s face seemed to slightly change to guilt as she looked to the ground.

“Well, those boys are different. You can like them but it’s obvious nothing will happen between you and them. It’s just physical attraction. Unlike me, you might actually date one.” She wiggled her eyebrows up and down at me. I turned away, feeling my cheeks turn red.

“So who’s the lucky guy?” She tried again, looking at me gleefully. I pulled a thoughtful voice, trying to prolong my answer so I could avoid it. I smiled upon seeing Jennifer standing impatiently by my road, looking around desperately for me.

“Oh no. I can’t answer. This is my road. I’ll see you later.” I told Kelly, pretending to be disappointed by not being able to answer. She mopped as she continued walking while I stopped near my road.

“See you tomorrow.” She waved as she continued walking. I raised a hand at her, watching her continue to walk. When she was far away enough I ran forward, running to hug Jennifer. She held her arms out to me as I ran into them. We embraced in a hug as I felt the water proof material of her coat rub against my skin.

“I swear I saw a red nose peek through that window.” She pointed to the house behind her. I couldn’t help but laugh at her fake scared face. She draped an arm around me as we walked down my road.

“So have you talked to Brandon recently?” She asked, intrigued by the boy who lived near me. Not that I think she’d go up and have a conversation with him voluntarily.

“Kind of. It’s complicated.” I sighed, shaking my head in my hand. Why couldn’t things just be simple? Why was I cursed with knowing about these powers? I just wanted to be a normal girl in university who spent most of her time studying and crushing on the bad boys. But no, the bad boys pay attention to me. And I don’t want that.

“Oh God. Please don’t tell me you’re dating him.” She suddenly stopped walking, keeping her hand on my shoulder. I kept my face serious for a second, just staring at her. Me, dating Brandon? Never.

“No! Ew.” I expressed my disgust as we walked through the rickety gate towards my house. I pulled my keys out of my bag as they clattered together.

“So this is where you live.” Jennifer stated as she looked around at the average brick house. I looked upwards myself, seeing the misshaped windows.

“Yep. Brandon lives just down there.” I stated, pointing down the road. Although I wasn’t pointing to a house in particular Jennifer looked down the row of houses, nodding her head in response.

“I guess I won’t be going down there.” She chuckled as I finished unlocking the door. I stood by the side of the door, waiting for her to enter. She took slow steps in as she inspected the house. I closed the door behind her, leaning against it as I waited for her to say something.

“Looks nice.” She commented, giving me her minimal opinion on the house. I pointed towards the living room as Jennifer followed my hand. I stood by the doorway as she carefully placed herself on the bleached out sofa.

“Do you still take two sugars in your tea?” I called as I made my way into the kitchen.

“You know me so well.” She laughed from the other room. I smiled as I picked out two mugs plastered in pictures of red roses, making sure to give myself the one with the chip on the side. I was still cautious in the kitchen after Noah had broken the lights. He still owed me money for that.

When I finished putting the teas together, I made my way back into the living room. I found her leaning over the picture frame which stood by the TV. I placed the steaming cups down as I went to stand by her.

“You still have it.” She said softly, smiling as she looked at the photo. It was taken four years ago. It was one of the only photos I still kept. Jennifer and a blonde, blue eyed version of me stood in the middle, posed in a hug as we pulled a funny face. My brother stood to the left behind us with his arms crossed, almost laughing at our weird friendship. Raphael had his arm around my brother, full on laughing at us. Raphael was my brothers’ old best friend. He was a light like us so he was practically family. Like a second older brother to me. We had always hung out together. Just us four. Those were the best times. Thought it would never be like that again seeing as my brothers gone and Raphael is somewhere in Italy, studying in a well-known university. Raphael didn’t even know if my brother or I were still alive. It pained me to think about him. It’s not like I could contact him again.

“I wouldn’t dream of getting rid of it.” I told her, resting my arm on her shoulder. She stood back up, now staring at me.

“I still have mine next to my bed.” She confessed sheepishly. We spent a minute standing in front of the picture, just reliving our memories.

“So where’s Lewis?” Jennifer asked me as she placed her hands on her waist, waiting for me to answer. I bit my lip, not knowing how to say it. Lewis was my brother. My only brother. The dead brother.

“Maybe we should sit down.” I said softly.

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