Hiding from the dark

By @purplefunnyamy
Hiding from the dark

Alex had only been back in Darkwood for a year until she was roped into the Silver Demons drama. Who are the Silver Demons? Just the people you want to avoid. But Alex is finding it harder and harder to do that. Her past keeps threatening to return.

Chapter 1

chapter one - The Silver Demons encounter

I sat on the bus, impatiently waiting for my stop. Time seemed to slow down as the bus travelled down the winding roads. I drummed my fingers on my bag, feeling the rough material underneath my fingertips. It felt almost soothing, keeping something in a pattern.

Sighing, I placed my elbow on the side edge of the window as I looked out of it. The window itself had obviously not been washed in a while as it seemed to be tinted a brown colour. Darkness swarmed the town outside with only a few lamp posts flickering away. They passed by quickly with the speed of the bus, causing the light to be scarce and blurred.

I pulled my bag closer towards me after feeling it starting to slip. Though I continued to tap my fingers against the bag, ignoring the sensation that spiked up my fingertips every time I did so.

I didn’t like being in this town for too long. It wasn’t exactly the town you’d want to live in. Especially for me. This town had always seemed… on edge. Like there was always something wrong with it. I don’t know.

The bus jerked as it came to a stop, causing my elbow to slip slightly. I peered down at the few people who were making their way onto the bus after re-positioning my arm. I froze when I saw the four loud, boisterous boys enter the bus. I could already hear them making their way up the stairs as they pushed each other around in an animal like fashion. A smell of smoke trailed after them, leaving the unpleasant smell lingering in the air. I turned my nose up at them as I kept my head forward, not wanting them to see me.

The four boys took the seats behind me, making me feel extremely uncomfortable in my position. They were as loud as ever, mucking around as they laughed. I now clung to my bag, the tedious finger tapping coming to a stop. I could tell how most people upstairs on the bus readjusted themselves when seeing the boys. Most of the conversations that had once been bickering away had now come to a halt. They were just the type you knew to be wary of with their black leather jackets. But maybe it was because of the tattoo of black images which draped down both of each of the boy’s arms. Only, I knew it wasn’t a tattoo.

Although I now was starting to feel uncomfortable in the position I was in, I didn’t move a muscle. I felt like a deer caught in head lights. A wave of fear rushed over me. I panicked, thinking that they might see the scar **** in my neck. Without thinking I quickly flicked my head to the side, forcing my hair to swiftly brush forward, covering my scar. I couldn’t let them see it. If they saw it they’d remember who I was. And that could not happen.

“So what did you do?” One of the boys pushed another one on as they laughed behind me.

“Well she said, I broke her heart.” He said sarcastically. There was a load of commotion as one of the boys said that one sentence. I gritted my teeth, my grip on my bag tightening.

When I heard my stop come out of the announcer I felt my tense body relax as I half let myself drop back into the cushioned chair. My legs shook as I stood up, keeping a hold of the pole in front of me for balance. As soon as my hand landed on the rail, I quickly fled down the stairs, attempting to avoid being noticed by the boys. Though my hopes were shot down when I heard their feet clomp down the stairs after me. I told myself to ignore it as I hurried off the bus as soon as the glass doors opened. The cold air made me shiver, feeling different from the homily warmness which came from inside the bus.

I paced quickly, keeping my distance from the boys as they had gone quieter behind me. I stormed through the darkness, feeling the need to be at home, tucked up in my colourful quilt with a cup of hot cocoa.

The boys still kept a steady pace behind me. It must just be a coincidence. I know for a fact that one of their friends lives down my road. They must be going there to get drunk or something.

I felt my heart thumping against my chest, not sure if I should really be worrying about the four boys walking behind me or the things that hid in the shadows. Their hard footsteps kept me in my sanity, proving I wasn’t alone.

I couldn’t help but shiver, almost feeling cold in my loose jumper. Without a pause, I wrapped my arms around my chest in the attempt to warm myself up.

I looked up towards the bright orange light of the lamp post as I walked into it. Looking behind me I saw the boys approaching, making my heart race. I fumbled through my purse, searching for my keys. I made sure to keep looking up, making sure the boys weren’t close enough to me. I rejoiced when I pulled out the silver set of keys which were now in my hand. Slipping the hoop which held the keys together onto my finger I turned back down my road, relieved to have found them in time.

Turning towards my house I hurried up the few steps with ease. Before slipping the key in the lock I turned around to look for any unwanted guests. When I saw none I unlocked the door, rushing into the house when it was open. Relief hit me as I slammed the door shut, closing my eyes as I leaned against the oak door. I listened for a minute as I heard the voices of the boys pass my house. I smiled at my stupidity for thinking they may have been following me. Dropping my bag on the floor I made my way over to the kitchen. I opened the fridge, checking if there was anything to have a light snack on. I moped as I looked inside my empty fridge. Guess I have to go shopping tomorrow.

I grabbed a hold of my bag as I switched off the downstairs lights. Making my way upstairs I hummed the song which had irritatingly got stuck in my head. I emptied my belongings on my bed before tidying them away. Slipping on my bed clothes I switched off the light and got into bed. I fell asleep, listening to the sound of my clock ticking away.

I woke up with a start, images flashing through my mind. I shook them off quickly, knowing I’d see the one image I never wanted to see again. Pulling myself up, I made my way to the bathroom. I took my time in doing my daily routine, knowing I had an hour before I had to leave. As always, I slipped in the blue contact lenses, hiding away my dark brown eyes.

Opening my rucksack I filled it with my textbooks I knew I’d need for today in the University. I was one of the few people in this town who had been offered a scholarship to the University of Darkwood. I had taken it proudly as I now attended the University. The only downside to it was four certain people who went there. The Silver Demons. I had a past with them which I knew for a fact they didn’t remember and not a past I wanted them to remember. They do remember what happened. They remember me. But they don’t recognise me. The one thing which gave me away was the scar which was an obvious sight if I didn’t let my hair gather over it. Now I protected it from sight with my life. For if they saw it, I was a goner.

I shuffled through my papers before stuffing them in my bag and slinging it over my shoulder. Before leaving the house I grabbed a banana, planning on eating it on the way to school.

Walking down the road I felt the wind whistle through my hair as I took it in. It felt relaxing to feel the breeze. When it came to night there was no breeze, making the town still. Making it uncomfortably different. So it was always a relief when I felt it in the mornings.

I quickened my pace when I saw the bus coming into view. Placing my pass on the buzzer I entered the red bus. I climbed up the stairs to my normal seat in the front. I looked out of the window again as I watched cars pass by. This town was very different when it came to night. At times like this, it almost seemed normal. Almost.

I unzipped my bag, pulling out the half bruised banana. Peeling it open, I listened to the buzz of voices around the bus. It felt calm being among other University students.

The bus stopped as the daily announcement came on saying this was the last stop and to take all your belongings with you. I stayed sitting, waiting for the herd of students to leave the bus. When the majority had left I pulled myself up and made my way off the bus.

When I was off the bus I just stood for a minute, looking up at the old fashioned building which stood in front of me. The clocks’ hands turned as time passed. It was a noticeable sight, seeing the eroded brick of the buildings which stood behind. The iron gates only gave you a small insight of what was held inside. If I didn’t go to this University, I know I’d try and imagine what it was like inside. It seemed like only posh, prestigious, rich kids would come to the University. Though that definitely wasn’t true.

I took in a long breath before entering the mob of bustling students making their way inside. When inside, I pulled myself away from the crowd to a small open space. I straightened myself up before beginning to walk to my first lecture of the day.

“I don’t ******* care.” someone moaned behind me.

I paused for a second when I heard that voice. His voice. I instantly reached up to rub the scar on my neck. It prickled up with a tinge of pain before I took my hand off it and hurried away. I hopped up the stairs in the science department. I just needed to get away from him.

When I reached the second floor I knew I was far away from him. Taking my time now, I climbed up the remaining few steps to walk down the dull hallway. I let out a breath of air when I got to the fourth floor. Time for my physics lecture.

I stepped in through the already open door to look up the mountain of chairs. I smiled when I saw Kelly waving at me. I sprang up the side stairs to grab the seat next to her.

“What you doing?” I asked her, looking down at her open notebook. Kelly was probably my closest friend at the moment. Or my only friend. All the ones I had made in the past I could never really converse with again.

“Nothing.” she said as she quickly shut it, looking utterly guilty with her bright pink cheeks. She didn’t look my way, knowing she would just blush harder. Her blushing only meant one thing.

“Yeah right.” I scoffed as I rolled my eyes at her. “You were writing another poem about Adam again, weren’t you?” I asked, already knowing the answer. She now turned to look my way, biting her bottom lip.

“Yeah.” she sighed in disappointment with herself, letting her defences fall. Kelly had mainly English language and literature lectures to help her with her poem writing. I caught her quite often scribbling away in her little notebook. She told me that she wrote them to get over feelings or crushes. It normally helps her get over them from what I’ve heard. But so far writing them about Adam has just made her like him even more. Admittedly he is a cute guy and all. But you know.

“I don’t know why you don’t just give him one.” I let out a breath of air.

“But then he’ll think I’m weird and ignore me.” She huffed as she let her arms drop, looking down over her half-written poem.

“If he does that then he’s not worth it.” I told her simply. “Then you’ll finally get over him and then you can find a new crush.” Kelly shook her head at me as she let out a soft laugh.

The room started to fill up with students slowly and after just under ten minutes it was all full up. Mr. Flannigan came in as he started to explain our topic for the lecture. I brought out my notebook to start taking notes while I watched Kelly swap her notebook for a different one.

The lecture went as normal. Most sat there intently listening while the few at the back didn’t pay the littlest bit of attention. That’s the reason why I never sit at the back of the lecture hall.

When the lecture was over, Kelly and I pushed our way through the big crowd to get out. I held my breath as we went through the tight doorway. I felt uncomfortably close to the other students as Kelly tugged on my arm, pulling us out of the crowd.

I instantly breathed out when we were against the wall outside, watching the large amount of students going off in their separate directions. Kelly and I turned to look at each other before laughing as we clutched our notebooks to our chests.

“Do you have another lecture?” Kelly asked me as we started walking down the hallway.

“I do but in the afternoon. I’m probably going to go to the library for a bit.” I told her.

“K. I’ve got one now but I’ll see you at lunch, yeah?” She raised an eyebrow at me, awaiting my answer.

“Yeah.” I smiled at her. She smiled back before turning around and making her way through the extensive crowd. I carried on walking until I came to the long length of windows, exposing the students studying inside. I opened the glass door to feel the atmosphere completely changed. Closing the door behind me the room fell silent. I stood by the door for a second, just appreciating the noiseless room. I made my way over to the science bookshelves, preparing for my chemistry lecture in the afternoon.

I fingered the books before pulling one out. This one will do. I made my way over to one of the private desks and opened the book. The desk was right in the corner of the room, light pouring in through the singular glass window. Bookshelves surrounded it, making it an enclosed private area with only one desk and two chairs. It was where I always sat because people hardly ever came over here which probably made it one of the quietest parts of the library. Though the library was extremely big. I hadn’t even explored it all yet.

I started reading the textbook, taking notes in my notebook as well. I stopped writing when I heard voices approaching my private, secluded area. They were loud but considering where we were, no one else could hear it. I looked up from the textbook to see who was making so much noise. I could just make out through the bookshelf a boy I did not want to see. Four of them in fact. They had surrounded a boy who was cowering in fear of the four twenty-three-olds. I took in a shaky breath, watching them grin with satisfaction at the fear on the boy’s face. They looked right about ready to kill. And I needed to get out of here.

I kept my eyes on the four boys who were circling their prey as I slipped the textbook in my bag.

“Is the little nerd scared?” Daniel asked mockingly in his deep voice. He made a fake poncing movement as the boy in the middle jumped backward. The boys let out a soft scoff as they made fun of him. Daniel had always been one to make fun of his victim.

I took a hold of the chair as I pulled it back, trying to stop it from scraping against the floor. Biting my lip I stayed frozen, not daring to make a move for it. Forcing myself to move again, I took a step forward. When none of the boys noticed I brought my head down, pacing past the bookshelf.

“Hey.” my heart beat froze when I felt a hand wrap around my arm. I tried not to show my panic as I let my head rise for my eyes to be met with Noah’s. His mop of black hair was sprawled on his head, looking deeply attractive, as always. All the boys had deep black hair. Maybe that’s what girls found attractive about their similarities. The whole bad boy look was appealing to them. Though most were too afraid to go confront them. They always were in their little group, normally smoking by the University. You knew not to get on the wrong side of one of them because then all four of them would be after you.

He had on display his charming smile. The one which made girls swoon. He had always been a flirt to get his way. Being the leader of his little group entitled him to be the one who had flings.

“D-do you want something?” I stuttered, not locking eye contact with him.

“Hm, let’s see shall we?” I let him drag me down the corridor of books as the other three boys stood impatiently, watching intently. I felt light headed as I felt myself stumbling into the one thing I was trying to avoid.

I now stood in the centre of the four boys, knowing I looked baffled with my wide eyes and open mouth. My body was tense as I stood awkwardly with my arms wrapped around my chest.

All four boys had their shirt sleeves rolled back, exposing the intricate detail of what would appear to be a tattoo. Only like I said, it wasn’t a tattoo. Kyle had his hair left out in a mess like Noah. Though he didn’t look too pleased with me being here. Same with Jacob. They both had their knuckles clenched, looking right about ready to pummel the poor guy who was now sitting to the side of me.

Kyle had his feet apart and arms crossed, looking me up and down with judgmental eyes as he sucked on his lip ring. His mouth was in a scowl, giving me a disproving look. But then again, I hadn’t seen any other look on him.

“Who the **** is she?” Kyle sneered with the same look of disgust. I rubbed my foot against my leg uncomfortably. Remembering they could remember who I was I flicked my head to the side to make absolutely sure my scar was covered. Noah gave me a small nudge in the shoulder, expecting me to answer. My lips went dry in trying to remember my fake name. The four boys looked at me expectantly, making my stomach churn. I could barely remember my real name. Let alone my fake one as I panicked that I’d look suspicious.

“Ruby.” I told them softly as soon as the name popped back into my mind.

“Well, Ruby. We have something to show you, don’t we?” Noah looked up to his friends in a code only he and his group would understand. Daniel slightly grinned, catching on with what Noah meant. He had his arms crossed now, making me squirm under his stare.

Noah rested a hand on my shoulder as I looked down towards it, worried about what he was going to say. I felt the need to shrug it off and run but I knew they would pay more attention to me if I did that. I felt too conscious of the fact that they might remember me, that I didn’t say anything.

“Do you want to see magic?” Daniels eyes almost glowed in enjoyment at seeing my shaking figure. I yet again didn’t want to respond. I knew what he meant but he didn’t know that. Although I knew what he meant, I was still scared out of my wits.

“What do you mean?” I asked after licking my lips. Daniel readjusted himself, smirking at me as he crossed his arms as well. The boy who they had been taunting only moments ago was crouching on the floor now, looking like he was going to burst out crying.

“Just answer the **** question.” Kyle growled, still looking displeased as he rolled his eyes at me.

“Don’t answer them!” The boy next to me begged, his eyes wide in panic. I looked down towards him, unsure of how to respond to the boys waiting impatiently.

“N-not really.” I stammered. “I’ve really got to get to my next lecture.” I babbled, letting my head droop. I took a hold of the strap of my bag around my shoulder as I attempted to push past Noah.

“That’s not such a good idea.” Noah taunted me as he grabbed a hold of my shoulders, spinning me around so I was facing Daniel. I squealed in surprise, bringing my arms into myself. “Do it.” Noah commanded Daniel. Daniel smirked at me in response, making the fear rise up inside me.

“Don’t worry. You’re with me.” Noah whispered lowly, letting his fingers seep through my hair, doing it for the purpose of freaking me out even more. Which it did.

Daniel started to rub his hands together in a pattern. Pushing as hard as he could, I saw black sparks fly off his hands, just missing the books by millimetres. I held my breath, awaiting the powers he was going to let out. I kept a fearful face on, knowing that was the best way to escape this. He laughed as he shot his hands up. His tattoo like mark sparked as dark glints passed through it. For a second he looked lost. Engulfed in the power passing through his veins.

It was then that a shot of black sparks escaped his hands. They flew up to the ceiling in a crooked pattern making a buzzing sound as they did so. There was instantly a crack sound, traveling around the entire library. And then the lights went out just like that. All the electricity. Everything. The boy on the floor yelped as a few others in the room screamed either in shock, fear, or the fact that they had just lost a lot of their work they had been doing on the computer which they hadn’t saved.

You see, I haven’t completely explained my situation. The boys aren’t what you would call… normal. No. They held an unspoken power which only a small percentage of the world had. They controlled the darkness. It fled through the veins, giving them power they didn’t deserve. It was given to them for a chance for them to change the world. But it didn’t look like that was going to happen any time soon. They use their power to play around and haunt people. They’re the type who use their powers for fun. To scare people out of their mind. We were like toys to the boys. And these boys liked to break their toys. Only they don’t know who I really am.

Without thinking I grabbed a hold of the boys’ jumper as I pulled him away from the four boys, knowing they couldn’t see in the darkness of the room. He cried out, probably in the fear that I was going to hurt him. I tried navigating my way through the bookshelves, bumping into a few and cursing under my breath as I did. I sped up when I heard the irritated voices of the four boys trying to find us.

“Where did she go?” Noah growled in obvious annoyance.

“The boy’s gone as well.” Kyle replied in a distaste.

I sighed in relief when I saw light. Daniel had only cut out the power in this room so light still poured in through the glass windows which we were now near. I let go of the boys’ jumper, giving him space to leave. The boy ran out of the room, pushing past the annoyed students who were doing the same thing. Joining the queue to leave I took in a deep breath. I have a feeling the boys were going to find me again at some point. So much for the not being noticed plan. I rubbed my temples in relief when I was walking down the lit up hallway. I guess I was going downstairs to the pact coffee place for the remaining hour.

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