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Hide & Seek

By @MCKapo

“Come on, Noah, Jess is kicking your ass!” Dylan cheered, pumping his fist in the air. 



The dimly lit room, one that the four friends had secured as their own game-room, had been previously used as a janitor’s closet and stood off to the side of the warehouse. A single light hung down on the thin wire, highlighting the two teenagers that seemingly glared at each other from across a small table. Their fists were grasped in each other’s, determination in their eyes. 



“Shut up, Dyl.” Noah gritted out, straining his forearm. He could not lose arm-wrestling to a girl. Least of all Jess, who would gloat in his face for an entire month. 



“Oh, Noah. You are so losing.” Ally said sympathetically, shaking her head. 



The sudden blaring froze the four. Noah stood hastily, his chair toppling backwards. He looked to the red emergency alarm that flashed red every few seconds, eyes wide with terror. “You’ve got to… no, it can’t be!” 



His voice broke over the silent hold of other three, and they moved to the door, Noah pushing his way out first. He grabbed for a hand, Jess’s, and ran to the escape ladder that went up three stories and filled out onto a balcony that one could use to walk around the entire warehouse. It had been built quickly, but efficiently, and served as a lookout for the sentries. 



“Dylan, Ally, stay as our lookout. You see them, you start climbing. It could just be an accident, or something.” He could barely keep the shakiness out of his voice, but he had to be strong. His two friends nodded, their ****** expressions giving away that they were beyond terrified. 



“Go, Noah.” Jess said softly, nudging his elbow with her shoulder. 



And so the two began their ascent, one rung after another, never pausing or slipping, their breaths short and jagged. 



At the top, Noah lifted his legs over the edge of the warehouse and helped Jess onto the landing. Her sharp intake of breath was all Noah needed as confirmation that their worst fears had come to life. 



He turned slowly, methodically, and what he saw made his knees weak and his head swim. 



There were hundreds of them, scouring over the compound, destroying all in their path. 



Two ear-splitting screams from below made Noah wince, tears pricked his eyes. 



The undead had finally over-run them. 

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