By @lilsophsie


By @lilsophsie

[not the real description!! real description to the book coming soon!!] "Newt?" Thomas asked, as he walked towards him. "wh-what are you doing?" "I'm sorry, Tommy." Newt sighed softly. "I'm going to work for WCKED"

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Chapter 1



Newt walked down the street in Brooklyn, New York, pulling his coat tighter to his chest as he continued to walk down the street. Snow fell from the sky as he made his way into the WCKED building. He knew doing this and betraying Thomas was a bad idea. But after Minho had gotten taken by Ava and Janson, he knew he had to do something, since no one else wanted to. He understood that everyone was beyond scared after Minho was taken away from them but Newt also understood that someone had to go and try to save him. And seeing that he was the only one that wanted to do it, besides Teresa that is, Newt knew he had to do it. No matter how much it seemed to hurt Thomas.

Truth was, Newt didn’t want to hurt Thomas by going to work for Janson, Ava and the WCKED team. But he had to. And as much as his gut hurt because he heard Thomas’s voice in his head over and over again, he just seemed to ignore it somehow and continued to walk into the building. He smiled at a couple of his co workers as he made his way up to his floor, smiling a couple of the kids they had taken in to experiment on. And yes, Newt truly did feel bad that they were experimenting on poor, innocent kids that had nothing to do with the Maze or the Scorch but Janson seemed pretty convincing as to why they had to do it. Newt walked into his office, sighing softly as he set his bag down then took off his coat, hanging it on the back of his chair. He sat down moments later just before both Ava and Janson walked into his office.

“Newt..” Janson looked at him softly and sighed lightly. “We..we have some news..”

“It’s more of a problem” Ava replied, scoffing at Janson’s words.

Newt rose an eyebrow as he looked at both of them. “What? What’s going on?”

“Um..” Ava began. “It’s about Thomas..”

“And Teresa” Janson replied. “We have video surveillance of both of them trying to get into the building last night..”

Newt chuckled under his breath softly, shaking his head. “That seems like something Thomas would do, seeing as I was always the one to stop him from doing something stupid” He looked back over at Ava and Janson, shrugging softly. “Okay, and what am I supposed to do about it? It’s not like I can get on his good side again anyways. I betrayed him, to come work for you two.”

“We know that” Janson replied. “But that’s not what we’re asking you to do”

“Then what exactly are you asking me to do?” Newt questioned, looking at Janson as his raised his eyebrow again.

“we want you to get Thomas to come to us somehow.” Ava replies. “just so we can talk to him. we’re not going to hurt him, we just want to talk.”

“we also want to know why he and Teresa would try to break into the building at one in the **** morning.” Janson replied, rubbing the sides of his forehead softly. “I swear, that boy has a death wish or something”

Newt sighed softly then turned around in his chair to stare at his computer screen. “no.. I’m sorry. I can’t.. I can’t help you with that. I frankly don’t trust either of you as much as I should by now. especially you” Newt turned and pointed at Janson. “You’ve wanted to ‘talk’ with Thomas ever since we all left the Maze. I can’t do that to him; I can’t put his life in anymore danger.. He’s my best friend.. I just.. I can’t.”

Janson sighed softly. “Newt..” he replied. “I promise you. I just want to talk to him.”

“and how am I supposed to get him back here? huh? He and Teresa probably went back into hiding, somewhere in the city. how am I supposed to find them?” Newt asked, shaking his head softly. “I just can’t. I’m sorry.”

“what if we got him here somehow?” Ava suggested. “Janson and I can come up with something.. give us a chance here Newt, before you turn us down.. Please”

Newt sighed softly and thought about it for a minute. well it would be nice to see them again; especially Thomas. He thought. But I feel like this could be a trap.. Like if I do this for them, they’ll just trap me in a room with Teresa and Thomas.. Or worse.. make me watch them, especially Janson, torture Thomas.. He sighed once more then glanced over at them, nodding his head softly.

“Fine. I’ll do it.” Newt replied. “But you have to bring both Thomas and Teresa to me. or the deal’s off.”

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