Here I Come ....

By @Ellsworth

Here I Come ....

By @Ellsworth

A collection of short fragments based upon "What a 19 year old thinks about the world" .

Chapter 1


A real dream , when he saw the creation, the beauty of all ages, the starting point of a journey, the peak of a fountainhead, the supreme of all, the legendary, the momentary, the breathtaking, the mesmerizing , was what the first human saw from the plateau.


It was more of a valley than a plateau, but for the sake of a reference, let us say it was a plateau. It was where for the first time in history, that a human has opened his eyes, it was first time in history that a human was on this barren land , on this arbitrary blue planet which was one from the million of its siblings’ arbitrary planets, it was first time in history that history itself  was created. What he looked was difficult to describe, he saw brown rocks, he saw green lands ,he saw giant white water bodies without knowing what water was , he saw giant birds, he saw giant animals which didn’t resemble him for sure, he saw everything what could be said to be a view from a height, the endless sky, the never moving mountains, it was beautiful, beautiful enough that one sight of it could change a person’s life, a monochrome of  perfection. And yet it was strange, and he can’t be blamed for this , the experience was strange itself, really how often does it happen that a new species is created and is present in a totally new world, about which it knows nothing and yet he manages to become one of the greatest of all, the supreme of all, the ruler and master of all. But little did the  first human knew what a great dynasty he is going to father, what legacy will he leave behind, what he will leave for his successors, what greatest achievements his offspring would bear, what horrible and yet amazing steps they would take, to alter the course of nature , what black holes they would collide, in spite of being the weakest of all moving species, in spite of being the most vulnerable, in spite of being physically weak, and unskilled for combat, for physical strength, for survival in wild, or survival anywhere where the resources would be unavailable. And yet they would conquer most of the lands, and most of the planets, and most of the star systems, and most of the galaxy, and most of the universe. They would be in center in flow of power.

Someday they would blast planets for just entertainment, the planets, which they could barely even walk with their own feet. The dangerous beasts they would tame, which would roar when it is told to do so, sit when it is told to, sleep when it is told to , and bring destruction and catastrophe when told to. All of it, they would control and master , there will be rules and limits to how a thing could be done or time in which it could be done , but there would be no limits to what could be done. The humans would walk on surface of sun, get in core of the brightest and hottest stars, touch what they call the deadliest virus of universe, and not even intimidated by it, such would be the capabilities of humans, the granite attitude that comes because of those deeds is really a wonder.

He couldn’t imagine it all, the first human, couldn’t imagine it all, it was too much for him and yet too little for the modern human to think or anticipate or master, how ironical it is to say that father of all of us are the reason for our existence and yet they couldn’t do what we can , they are sole purpose of our existence and yet they can’t master and control the flow of power that we can.


He was what we say ,…the first human.

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