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Heaven and Man

By @Topretend

Take my hand to sun scorched lies

Memories of mine all fade and die

You are to me a force that pushes hands

You play heaven, I play man..

You are the spider, I the fly

Without my wings I try to glide

But sweet gravity just does its best

A thousand feet I fall to rest

Take this burden off my hands

You are an angel, I am sand

Shapeless and heavy when it rains

Inside this coffin called my brain

Speak to me in new found words

The truth from you is just absurd

I want to fall for you again

But what is heaven to a man..

There is hell just inches near

Heed your words then disappear

Cause you are a rose that hides behind your thorns..

And chasing you will only lead me more to mourn…

So farewell my dear demise

I walk away with tears of ice

I hope in future days I find

A Juliet who is more kind

Awake me up in a new dream

Quiet whispers crush the scream

Three words for her I will repeat

I love you…

Do you love me?

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