By @enochmwanga


By @enochmwanga

A man devotes to a life of vengeance after his parents are killed by a well known gangster. There comes a time when he learns about the whereabouts of his parents murderers. Will he spare them after all he has been through?

Chapter 1

The Lonely Path

Like any other festive season, life was going great. It was so much fun that we forgot all about the bad things that ever happened. We arrived at the cold island where we were to spend our Christmas holidays. Everyone in the family was so happy and that was about to be the best year of our life. It was a fun reunion because I got to see my family after five years.

The following day Christmas increased the holiday cheer. My parents got my brother, sister and I the best presents you could think of. It was really a memorable day and we could not wait to get back to Freeway for the New Year. We spent two more days at the beautiful Island of Plais. We toured around, spent time as family and laughed together to a point we thought the whole world belonged to us.

On the 28th ,we started our voyage back to Freeway. It was really a long journey.

We had several stops for snacks and meals.We spend the 29th travelling. We arrived in Freeway that night. Since it was getting late, we decided to sleep at the hotel and things were just about to get a little out of hand.

On that night, the hotel was raided by the bikers gang and my family and I were kidnapped. We were taken to unknown location and we were brutally tortured.The following day, Blood, the leader of the gang ordered for my family`s murder. I witnessed one of the gang members shoot my brother and sister, I saw them hang my parents as the other stubbed me with a knife in the stomach.

The gangsters drove our bodies and damped them in an abandoned land. Little did they know I was only unconscious not dead. I do not believe in miracles but there is no other word I know that I can use. I woke up in lots of pain but the realization of being the only survivor worsened my pains and grief.

Since I was in an abandoned land, I could not find any help. The wound across my stomach was hurting so much. I hated life so I decided to sleep hungry in hopes for dying because I was left with nothing I could leave for. The night was long and cold but soon it came to pass and it was the last day of 1989.

In the morning, I spotted a jack fruit tree so I decided to go there and grab myself something to eat.

It took me a while to get there but it was worth it. After enjoying my breakfast, I thought about what I was going to do with my open wound. I looked at the jack fruit and I saw sap at the tip. I decided to use it to close the wound. In pain, I put the sap into the wound and luckily it stuck.

I went back to the place where the bodies of my family were and I decided to dig a mass grave for them. I buried them alone and full of grief as I remembered some of the last moments we enjoyed.n Now I considered myself useless and wondered why I was still leaving. I sat in grief as the night set in.I couldn’t believe the first funeral I attended was to pay my last respects to my only family.

I promised myself that I would only find peace in this world if Blood dies by my hand. At a point, I didn’t feel that much grief as before, I found a stone and tried to curve it into the heart shape. I engraved my family’s names onto it. This stone was to represent the love I had for my family. Soon, I figured the names on the stone became my purpose for the New Year and the rest of my life.

I made a hole in the stone and tore a piece of clothing of my bloodstained shirt and passed it through the hole. As I was about to put on the heart of stone, I had celebrations from a bit far away since it was a new year.

Hearing the celebration sounds gave me hope I could still find my way home. I remembered my Dad`s last words to me “ Home is the place you will always find peace.” I was certain I could only find peace if I only avenged my family’s murder. I put on the necklace with the heart shaped stone. I decided I couldn’t die before I fulfilled my purpose in life. In deep grief, I decided to leave my family’s burial site to wherever fate took me. It was braver for me to suffer than to die. The end of my family only began a new story for me.



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