Haven't Thought of A Title Final

By @unikyky25

Haven't Thought of A Title Final

By @unikyky25

A story I'm working on, adding chapter by chapter. I had started it before, publishing one chapter as a new story every time, but that was before I figured out how Underlined actually works! Lol! Enjoy guys, and please comment and critique!

Chapter 6

“Where’s breakfast?” barked Tim Wellington, slamming his coffee mug down on the table.

“I slept in, so you’re going to have to make it yourself,” Shannon replied softly. “Have some toast or something.”

“Does it look like I have time to make my own breakfast? Make me some pancakes or French toast and hurry up about it!” Tim roared.

“No! If you want it, you can make it yourself!”

Flame sat silently at the table, watching her parents arguing. It felt like she didn’t even exist. Neither of her parents had said good morning to her or each other. They just started fighting right away. And now that they were arguing, they acted like she wasn’t there. Flame sighed as she cleared her cereal bowl and headed slowly up the stairs to finish getting ready for school.

Flame trudged along the sidewalk, shuffling her once-white Converse on the damp ground. She stopped by the Shead’s house, waiting for Clemence to come out so they could walk to school together. They walked to school together every day, as Flame lived one street down from Clem’s place.

 Flame heard some loud noises coming from in the house as she waited, some screaming and crying. She shuddered as she remembered her parents’ arguing that morning. Finally, Clemence stalked out, her hair a mess and her face screwed up with anger.

“Stupid sisters!” she growled, tying her hair into a loose, messy ponytail.

“What happened?” Flame asked, trying to sound interested, though really she wasn’t. All she could think about was her parents.

“Esme stole my charm bracelet, but she won’t admit it, and now everyone’s acting like I’m the bad guy because I got mad at her for stealing it!” Clemence stomped her foot angrily and Flame nearly snorted. Clem was acting like such a two-year-old! A missing bracelet was probably the worst of her problems…Clem’s parents always got along great!

“Fl-a-ame!” Clemence’s voice snapped Flame out of her thoughts.

“What?” Flame cried, whipping her head over to her friend.

“I said, can I come over to your place this afternoon? I need to get away from my house!”

“Uh…actually, Clem, I have to go to my Grandma’s birthday party after school. It’s her 70th and it’s important for me to be there. Sorry!” The lie slipped from Flame’s lips easily. The last thing she wanted was for Clemence to see her parents arguing. They were best friends, but still. Imagine what she would say! Flame thought. She walked silently for the rest of the way to school, trying to avoid Clemence’s torrent of questions.

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  1. luvbooks4evr

    Please write more! This is soo good!

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    Reply 1 Reply Oct 10, 2019
    1. unikyky25

      Awww thanks! I’m really glad someone read it and likes it!
      In response to your previous comments…yeah it is a sad-ish story… and yes, the people are connected, but you have to keep reading to figure out how…
      And more is coming…lots more!

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      Reply 0 Replies Oct 10, 2019

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