Harmony Diaries

By @Badvibezimani10
Harmony Diaries

It's just about me and how really I live everyday. And how teenage years can really be crap. Espacially with depression. And being a goth teenage girl.

Chapter 2


Be ready for what’s coming. I talk about the craziest , weirdest , most unbelieveable stuff. I talk about normal teenage life too. It’s just with the family I have life is unpredictable. Really unpredictable. My aunts are crazy. My Gma is crazy. My whole family just crazy. My sisters. My brothers. All crazy ass people. I love them. They just have no clue what I be thinking. But , out of all of them I’m the craziest. It doesn’t make sense. It’s like when god made he was like, “Well I’m just gone- OOPS the whole crazy jar fell.” Then when the rest of us was born he was like , “Ok I won’t mess up this- all snap I did it again.” Then when I came he was like, “Ok, I – OOPS THE WHOLE SHELF!” So , yea that’s how it went lol. Well that’s at least how think it went. Anyway my step mom and dad took me to the mall yesterday because my dad said he said I was too old for See my mom is thick and really pretty and she gave it to me. My dad is just tall. And I have two forms of anxiety , separation and social. I mean I have friends but that’s just from me being socially awkward and people actually think that I’m funny. So the mall was not really a great option for me. The whole reason I was excited was for to go to hot topic. That’s the main reason going to the mall would be worth me getting stared down and cat called. It really is. I feel the same way about Hot Topic the way most white girls and black valley girls love starbucks.

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