Harmony Diaries

By @Badvibezimani10
Harmony Diaries

It's just about me and how really I live everyday. And how teenage years can really be crap. Espacially with depression. And being a goth teenage girl.

Chapter 1


Hey , my name is Harmony. I’m just a regular kid besides the anger issues and bipolar depression and I’m goth,

I’m black and mexican . Mostly black though. My favorite rappers are XXXTENTACION , Ski Mask The SLump God, Trippie Redd, Rico Nasty, and ****** Sonny. I am obsessed with XXXTENTACION. Like for reals. Anyway,I love to draw , write, sing, and dance. When I sing it just comforts me while I cry all the time. Dance is just something I do to keep me active. To keep me from just being in my room crying or thinking about why I am even alive. I know depressing. Yes,I get sick of this ****. I just wish it would stop. But it doesn’t. Not at ******* all. It sickens me really. I get sick of myself everyday. I wake up thinking why me? I mean I’m not poor . I sadly am rich. And nobody’s beating me . my life is actually really good. It’s just a lot of stuff that happened in the past. My counsler wanted me to start expressing with what I love to do.Well you’ll learn more tomorrow when I have enough energy to type with this nails.

Lucid Dreamer,

Imani Moni’e

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