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Happy to Sad


A Yes

She was very happy as she talked with him for hours. Every day he would give a compliment to her. She was very empty from inside, as no one like him had complimented her or made her feel so special. Time was passing and she started liking him. He always tried to make her feel so special that she had got feelings for him. She started thinking of telling him that she also likes him.

One day when they were talking, he messaged about his past when he had first proposed to her.  He said that when she had rejected her, he was very lonely he used to cry alone and always thought he was ugly which is why she had rejected him. After listing all these things, she felt really very bad. She felt so bad that she thought she don’t have to now wait and have to tell him she likes him. She told him that she also likes him. Now he was surprised that how she said this as she wanted some time to know him very well. He asked her, why are you telling this so suddenly? She replied because she had feelings for him. He said so early you wanted some time =, please take your time then only answer me I will wait for you. She said no this is only the time I like you really. I like talking to you. He was so happy that he just can’t say anything. She messaged him are you happy? He told her yes I am really very happy I can’t explain my happiness.

Yes, they started dating. 

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