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Halloween Chills 👻

By @RosePanther1612

Strangers in my home

I was walking home from school when I caught a whiff of something burning. As I entered the house, the door creaked open, revealing spiderwebs and dust from decades, centuries ago. It was as old as time. Not surprising. But what did surprise me was that the living room looked as if there had just been a fire! Frantically, I rummaged through the drawers for a sign that my parents were still alive– a note perhaps. But I found nothing. So I checked every mouldy corner of every room but still nothing. My heart was pounding in my ears. I went back to the living room, the fireplace sizzling with fiery red flames just as if everything was perfectly fine. BANG! I started and turned ‘round with shock. Then I heard screams and pleading from the basement. I immediately ran downstairs to find- My parents. They were hanged by the throat and there were three masked men holding guns and knives standing next to them. ZZZZ! The trio shredded a piece of cloth hanging besides them as if this were just a game to them. I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth. We were in No-Man’s Land.

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