Hacking in 3

By @Majira_Dragneel_1

Hacking in 3

By @Majira_Dragneel_1

In a world of riches and penthouses not all men are created equal. When three brothers escape a scientific facility for creating Biologically impossible humans to fight for their country the three boys Ajax, Achilles, and Leonidas stick together to bring equality to the world. All they need is spit, grit, and a flash drive. they'll be hacking into the systems of injustice in 3... 2... 1...

Chapter 1

Prologue: What Exit Strategy?

“Malware, we need that software download. Like, TEN MINUTES AGO!” the mute eleven-year-old that had been absorbed into the system to plant his namesake within sent an angry text back to his older brother: ‘I’M GOING AS FAST AS I CAN, JERKWAD!’ Database gave a groan and turned to his eldest brother Leonidas, hero name Spartan, as he was sending an army of hijacked weaponized blenders at the advancing trio. with a maniac smile the 18 year old gave his signature battle cry: “THIS! IS! SPARTAAAA~!” “Leo do you have a plan for an exit strategy that DOESN’T involve weaponized kitchen appliances?” Leonidas looked back at his brother with a hint of confuson detectable in the maniac gleam.

“What exit Strategy?”

Database moaned. “Oh, my god we’re all gonna die…”

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