By @NabidKabir007

This story is about a boy who meet a human trafficker network, and get a job to abduct a girl, but somehow that girl stats loving her. now hes felling guilty. what he should do? handover them or set her free?

Chapter 1

Beginning of the end

Did You ever traveled on a bus? Did u ever thought that if u choose different sits to seat on in the same bus u might experience different journey. Sounds weird right? Life is comparing with bus journey what rubbish. Now u r on third line of the story. I want u to atleast read three pages.i wont waste ur time .but what I said on the 1st line you should decide it all by yourself. One Friday morning it was a sunny day it was a very special day for this boy who is going to leave his parents house and fly for his own 1st time ever. He is going to the city for his studies. He has tanned skin just a little ****** hair. His eyes are funny. Those eys wants to see the world. It feels like hes a pirate and he is going for a quest. A quest of freedom. And this bus he just hopped on is his pirate ship and he is the captain of this ship. But the problem of his pirate ship is it has only one vacant seat which was beside a we have this pirate captain who never meet a girl in his school. And the quest just began and it all began thrilling so far. Its kind of excitement kind of fear and the whole cocktail of youth to seat right next to that girl. It doesn’t matter if shes available or not. Will she talk or not older or younger. What she want is to seat right beside her and travel the whole world.but he hold her horses and just to the mission seat beside her.

-He approached” excuse me, may I seat here?”

-“Go away” seat some where else.

-in this whole bus this is the only seat available. Now do u want me to travel this three hour jurney with this tons of backpacks.all by standing ?? lady u are a human being and I am also a human being why don’t u treat me one.

– so looked at his eyes. She knew those eyes wants something. sHe saw many eyes in her lifetime. And can say who wants what. Those eyes wants thrill. She started to think for herself. Okay mister lets see how much thrill can u manage.

She let her sit beside her. So in the first battle already won by Mahi.

–         Whats your name?

–         Nahar

–         What u do?

–         Student

–         Are u from here?

–         Yes

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