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Hunger gnaws at her...

An ocean of self-induced pain,

She cries herself to sleep every night,

Her pillows, tear-stained,

By all that hurt,

Guilt-tripping herself,

For eating one two many cookies.

Or living her life to the fullest.

In shame,

She stands in the mirror,

Drawing red circles,

Around the pockets of fat,

In her thighs,

On her stomach,

Her wrists,

Spattered with crimson.

Wondering how she can disappear,

In vain,

Stumbling over herself to the bathroom,

As she’s taunted,

By their glares

Every lunch period,

Sticking two fingers down her tongue,

Ignoring the pain,

The flares up her throat

Choking on her own saliva and spit,

And walking out, feeling just a bit,


But the weight steadily increases,

On her shoulders,

Immersing her in her misery,

Until one day,

She decides to cut herself,

To see how much she bleeds.

Out of curiosity

Even then,

She won’t be skinny.

And so she slips and trips,

On the slick bathroom floor,

Drowning in her guilt.

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